Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue


Step 11: Apply the gold detail

Picture of apply the gold detail
Using you finger tip apply some gold rubbing paste to the raised bits of the wand. You can use a gold marker or gold gel pen or gold modeling paint. The best stuff is the art store product that is designed to be rubbed on with the finger tip and then burnished a bit, but any gold paint will do.

For one of my kids wands I used a bit of silver leaf to make some very highly reflective parts metallic looking. It was a brilliant effect. This is a bit more complicated in that you have to have gold or silver leaf and you have to paint a thin layer of gold size (a model makers' and artists' liquid glue that dries slightly tacky) on to the raised surface first and allow to dry for 2 hours and then apply the gold or silver leaf with great care (it is sooo thin) and then remover the excess with a very fine brush and burnish up with a soft cloth. The effect though is truly amazing, like real polished gold or silver (which is what it is of course). Gold or silver leaf is very cheap but you need to get it from a good art shop or from the web.
sup3rb4dd2 years ago
can anyone help me make one? i tried but it looked terrible.
azharz3 years ago
I want to say it AFA aka Astonishing, Fantastic, Amazing.
ccloninger13 years ago
I used a metallic sharpie for this step because I could not find paint. It worked fairly well, although the edges would draw on the wand (not the hot glue) but the finished effect was about the same.
weasel9996 years ago
I think if u put some masking tape it would be easier to apply the gold paint