Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue


Step 5: Plug the ends of the wand (and fill it)

Picture of plug the ends of the wand (and fill it)
Carefully dribble glue gun glue into both ends of the wand (one at a time, waiting till each end is set). For the bigger of the two ends, you can pack the end with a little rolled up tissue pushed down a bit with a pencil so that you don't have to use too much glue. For the bigger end you will probably need to have two goes. If you are careful you can achieve a rounded end, as the glue is setting make sure that you rotate the wand to stop it slumping to one side or dripping over the edge. The same goes for the little end, although if you have wound the wand tightly enough, you will not need to fill this twice.

NOTE if you want your wand to be stiff and very robust, then instead of using the tighter rolled up paper core, you can fill it with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is that sort of glue that you use by mixing up two parts. It can be very runny when mixed up, so you will need to plug the smaller end. After plugging the little end, but before plugging the big end, fill the wand with quick setting, two part epoxy resin. Use the 5 minute setting version rather than the really fast 90 second version and carefully dribble the glue down the inside of the wand, making sure not to get it on the outside. Don't worry If you do get a little bit on the outside though, just wipe it off carefully and quickly, you'll be painting over that later.
tianapotter2 years ago
i used polyfiller and it worked perfectly
bluefyre3 years ago
can u do this without the glue gun? if yes then how? please answer....
Fully possible, though u have to be a bit creative = Every poor persons motto XD

Just experimenting a bit as of yet but stuffing the end with ripped tissue rolled into small tufts and then soaking it with glue to let it set (might have to press it a bit into shape though) seems to do the trick.

Of course you don't really end up with that smooth and nice rounded shape but it works.
naice..... :D shud luk gud. and what about the rolling part. mine gets all thick and stuff.. any way to deal wid dat??
Thick in what way? Because it could just be you're not rolling it tight enough?
Its Dumbledore and Voldemort>

htonks4 years ago
I noticed someone had the idea to fill thier wand with flour, and still glue end ends. That might work for weight
htonks4 years ago
I hd some trouble getting the edge looking nice between the wand and the glue, so i used some modge podge to smooth over the seams
NOODLE!4 years ago
i used duct tape. my general motto is: if you cant do it w/ duct tappe, you havnt used enough
For mine, I completely stuffed it with individual squares of tp. If you pack it in really tight, you'll get a very rigid wand! Just thought I'd tell everybody else what worked for me :)
lint665 years ago
you could probably put those long wooden skewers too if you wanted some durability and flexibility
smashbro516 years ago
i put a blue marble at the bottom of mine it looks really cool
that sound awesome. pictures please!
sorry i dont know how to put pictures on my computer. ive never really tried though.
oh well, i guess i'll have to live without :p
kaptin scarlet do u have any other ideas besides glue to fill the wand i just finished mine and its too flimsy in places.could u help me??
Jeraldo6 years ago
I filled mine entirely with glue gun glue. I still can't stop laughing at the fact that it is merely a giant glue gun stick covered in paper! Very good Instructable! Two thumbs up! -Jared-
greentea6 years ago
I'm making a bunch of these for a library event to celebrate the movie thats coming out and kick off our summer reading program. Thanks, these are great. On a side note if you have a wider wand stopper the narrow end with hot glue first and once its dry just fill the inside completely through the larger end. It makes a nice solid core when it cools. I let mine stand in a pencil cup.
benben156 years ago
ok i have made a few but they aer kinda flimsy how can i mcke them hard without the resin
superfufu6 years ago
this is awesome i just made mine
azandj6 years ago
I just did this step and I have a tip: if you plugged the ends with hot glue and you don't like the way that it is shaped or if it is rough, just wait for it to cool a bit. Then drag the side of the gun's nozzle across the glue in a cone like shape to smooth out the glue.
x.lucy.x7 years ago
this was rather fun to look at and fun to create! thank you for that could you try to make a harry potter writing book and quill.
KaptinScarlet (author)  x.lucy.x7 years ago
I have done the quill and sort of the book. If you go to dadcando in the wizardry and magic section you'll find a quill and in the making from junk, book binding. Have Fun
thank you! I wIll get on that straight away.
taranis547 years ago
has anyone tried using a marble or bouncy ball to stopper the end of their wand? it would provide a nice, round end without too much work. only issue I could see with using a marble is that it may not hold the paint. but a bouncy ball should. I'm planning on making a wand when i have the time and supplies, and I'm planning on trying that. I'm a perfectionist. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
1234567 years ago
sorry i ment step 5 sorry
KaptinScarlet (author)  1234567 years ago
how did u make these pictures on your computer?????