Step 5: plug the ends of the wand (and fill it)

Carefully dribble glue gun glue into both ends of the wand (one at a time, waiting till each end is set). For the bigger of the two ends, you can pack the end with a little rolled up tissue pushed down a bit with a pencil so that you don't have to use too much glue. For the bigger end you will probably need to have two goes. If you are careful you can achieve a rounded end, as the glue is setting make sure that you rotate the wand to stop it slumping to one side or dripping over the edge. The same goes for the little end, although if you have wound the wand tightly enough, you will not need to fill this twice.

NOTE if you want your wand to be stiff and very robust, then instead of using the tighter rolled up paper core, you can fill it with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is that sort of glue that you use by mixing up two parts. It can be very runny when mixed up, so you will need to plug the smaller end. After plugging the little end, but before plugging the big end, fill the wand with quick setting, two part epoxy resin. Use the 5 minute setting version rather than the really fast 90 second version and carefully dribble the glue down the inside of the wand, making sure not to get it on the outside. Don't worry If you do get a little bit on the outside though, just wipe it off carefully and quickly, you'll be painting over that later.


<p>Love this!</p>
<p>This is super easy and cheap. I used an entire stick of hot glue for the base and detail. Added red glitter to the tip to make it magical! </p>
<p>this is awsome!!!!!!</p>
<p>Almost done!!!</p>
<p>Stuffing it with tissue to make more stiff</p>
<p>I am making it right now!!!</p>
<p>This is the best and easiest DIY for wands! Thank you for this!! Love all the other pictures too. It's great inspiration for the 10 more I need to make for my daughter's birthday party :)</p>
<p>I made my own design ..... This was fun ... thank you very much</p>
<p>I made it and liked it..</p><p>But it doesn't need the base coat, gold ring, or the distress...</p>
Really enjoyed making these for a dance show who are witches, made x11 in three hours, plus varnishing. Thanks for the tips!!
<p>your ones sick pdriscoll1! you could make a bigger version with a staff i suppose... but I LOVE THE SCULL ONTOP OF IT!</p>
<p>I made a whole passel of lovely wands for my son's tenth birthday party. Thank you so much for the instructions! (I also blogged my method; I credited and linked you, so I hope that's okay.) </p>
<p>I love it and so do my friends! I tried wire instead of hot glue and it worked really well</p>
interesting idea, glad it worked for you so well.
<p>Don't forget to add the magical core (unicorn hair, phoenix feather, or dragon heart-string) at the beginning of step 5!</p>
<p>so hard to make the paper part!!</p>
This was super fun!! Thanks! <br>
<p>That's very cool! </p><p>I'm gonna make some over this weekend! </p><p>I was bought one over my local ComicCon and I'm eager to make some of my own! </p>
Oh my gosh that is cool.
Oh wow, that looks super amazing, so cool.
Thanks for the kind words. BTW this is one of the most creative wands I think I have seen and a fabulous spin on this project. Thanks for posting these pictures, the wand looks brilliant
WOW Thank you so much!!!
That's... Brilliant and very morbid. This is a highly creative take on wands in general. How did you make the wand curved?
This Instructable is still going strong! Thanks... My kids did these themselves and LOVE them!
Great tutorial and so inexpensive! I'm pretty pleased with the way mine turned out and I won't be nearly as sad when my kids inevitably destroy them because they cost me nothing to make.
Glad you like it because they're so easy to make with you always make more the best thing about the way that they made with that they can't hurt themselves with because there's nothing stiff inside them
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I managed to make a wand for my halloween costume! I'm gonna be Bellatrix Lestrange!! ?
<p>Great tutorial. Thanks! </p>
Thank you, and great looking wand by the way!
<p>Really cool! Nice way to do it without wood!</p>
<p>I don't have a glue gun and my parents won't let me buy it so could anyone tell me 'How can I make a wand without a glue gun'..........PLEASE!!!!!</p>
<p>u can use clear nail polish or paper rolloed up thats soaked in glue</p>
<p>A long time ago, some one who didn't have a glue gun decorated their wand with string painted with white glue. It takes a bit longer to dry, but the effect was good, so perhaps you could try that </p>
<p>You can always use regular glue. Also, laytex is a great alternative but not cheap. You could use laytex and toilet paper to make those balls.</p>
You can't
Is there any way to make the details without using a glue gun?
<p>or nail polish</p>
<p>yes u can roll up paper thinly then glue it around the wand i did that it looks nicer with glue but its still fine</p>
you could also use clay!
Anshul is that u because its shashank
Yeah, some people sell pencils without erasers. I stuck one at the corner of a paper, and rolled it up to the diagonal corner. Then I taped it down. After that,I filled up the WHOLE thimg with toilet paper and taped it shut. Hope this helps!!:)
you could use string or wire or even old headphones! the possibilities are endless. Personally, I was thinking of gluing my old broken headphones for the detail.
That is absolutely brilliant. I would have never thought of that
one person has done it using string soaked in pva (white elmer's) glue
Brilliant idea!<br>
Oh, I just finished it, but I just used nail polish! :)
I realize this is WAY after you left your comment but I was thinking of molding wood putty. I imagine it would be easier to get a nice even strand that way, (if that's what you want of course)

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