Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue


Step 6: Create the surface detail

Picture of create the surface detail
Holding the wand in one hand and the glue gun in the other slowly rotate the wand between finger and thumb as you gently squeeze out glue gun glue onto the surface of the wand. Try to keep it even and make a nice pattern. Start with one or two rings at the thicker end, leaving a space for the grip area, then make a crisscross lattice effect lower down the wand by rotating and moving the glue gun along the wand at the same time.

As the glue sets rotate the wand in the air to make sure that no uneven drips build up. The glue gun glue should be set in about a minute or so, but might be tacky for a couple more minutes so be careful what you rest it on to set properly.
Is there any way to make the details without using a glue gun?
Yeah, some people sell pencils without erasers. I stuck one at the corner of a paper, and rolled it up to the diagonal corner. Then I taped it down. After that,I filled up the WHOLE thimg with toilet paper and taped it shut. Hope this helps!!:)
one person has done it using string soaked in pva (white elmer's) glue
Brilliant idea!
Oh, I just finished it, but I just used nail polish! :)
I realize this is WAY after you left your comment but I was thinking of molding wood putty. I imagine it would be easier to get a nice even strand that way, (if that's what you want of course)
KaptinScarlet (author)  timsbro20004 years ago
yes, good idea, if you are quick, you might even be able to roll it into thin little sausages and drape them round the wand basic rolled up structure.
if you were to rip off the sticky string used in duct tape, it would work well. Also, I'm not sure if many people realize, but the wand shown here is Hermione's wand. I can imagine some people who aren't very familiar with the series getting confused or just assuming that it's Harry's wand. :D
Thank you! I will try and make this! This is a fab project :) and thanks for the advice.
So can I create this without a hot glue gun? I don't have one, and it probably sounds stupid but can I use normal glue? Obviously not a stick, but one that looks like a glue gun.
I would really like to try this but I have literally no craft equipment. Thanks!!!
KaptinScarlet (author)  cupcake_love3 years ago
Probably, someone once used string and white glue to make the surface features. If you are happy with no surface features, then you can use papier mache to block up the ends, and if you really have no craft materials at all, then you can use water and flour glue and newspaper to make a wand, decorating it with papier mache and then paint it in the way I have described.
LeahWasHere4 years ago
Would it be possible to use rubber bands, in any way?? I haven't actually finished my wand yet, and I'm stuck on this step. My first wand turned out to be a mess (the glue dripped everywhere, and the pattern got smudged), so I'm making another one, and now I'm wondering if rubber bands might work, since I'm not exactly a pro at using the glue gun
htonks4 years ago
Could I use 3d drying fabric paint for this, and use a metallic gold?

Maybe this way i can paint it, then put on the design, then the sealent?

Yes? No?
htonks htonks4 years ago
Experimented- 3d fabric paint comes out semi-3d- it kind of melts and gets less bold than the glue would/does
rcb27914 years ago
You can do something really cool at this part. I created a knot hole (pardon my spelling) on the wand by applying randomly on the wand a little dot of hot glue. Quickly (so that the glue doesn't dry) apply a small bead on the hot glue. Push down. After the glue has dried, pull off the bead using a pair of pliers. Once removed, a crater (knot hole) should be left over giving it the appearance of a real tree. Do this randomly on the wand.
htonks rcb27914 years ago
Wouldn't this make a weird little sticky uppy thing from where the glue went through the bead hole? Pics?
rcb2791 htonks4 years ago
Yeah. It was something I had originally tested out and I thought it would look good. Eventually, the glue started to peel where I had pulled the beads out. I would recommend sticking to the original instructions. It's fun to experiment, but as always be aware it might not always work out as planned.
htonks rcb27914 years ago
jrobinson94 years ago
i am having lots of trouble with the decoratoin on the wand, i can't get the hot glue to look nice it has tons of bumps and knicks also how do you get a large roundish end? using hot glue makes a huge mess and looks awefull any ideas??

I did this to- set the glue gun setting on 'low' if you can, helps immesly. So does turnign the wand- alot xS
WhyHello4 years ago
*sees picture, does checkered pattern, then rereads* oh...Wish me luck!
pen blade4 years ago
I'm making one right now for my little sister, she's going to be Hermione for Halloween!
Hi! I do not know what to say except for thank you for posting this on this site. My wand is in the process of drying. I really thank you because I'm only 12 and a really big Harry Potter fan. Me my friends Jenna, Emily, Kellie and of caorse me Lindsay( sorry for the spelling mistake)


KaptinScarlet (author)  weasley_fan_134 years ago
Great, thanks for the lovely comment and I am very glad you like the project.