Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue


Step 7: Spray with base coat

Picture of spray with base coat
Apply a base coat to the wand to seal it, either you can use spray paint (more or less any colour will do and spray paint is good because it drys hard, but you can use household emulsion instead if you haven't got any spray. (In the US, emulsion paint is called Latex Paint). If you use emulsion (latex) make sure that the wand is dry before going to the next step.
carterbacon2 years ago
can i use plain paint
htonks4 years ago
Will modge podge work?
I used mod podge for mine and it came out well
ashlynlupin3 years ago
I used mod podge and it worked perfectly for me.
silverstorm3 years ago
green spray paint would work right?
vrousseau23 years ago
Do you have to do a base coat?
I didn't have a good base coat so I used white glue and painted it on!!! It worked reeeeally well :)
Do you paint it then put a base coat on?
janpogi094 years ago
can i yse textile paint?????
KaptinScarlet (author)  janpogi094 years ago
Yes I think soi. I think that textile paint is acrylic and as long as it dries waterproof, which I think it does, you should be fine.
will acrylic work?
Yes but it does NOT stick well to the glue so you will have to texture it first
(just take a nail file of bit of sand paper and go over it until it's a bit rough then you can paint)
I have a clear waterproof krylon spray... would that work?
oops.... i meant IS
ninjadino795 years ago
um, where do i find emusion paint? can is there anything else i could use OTHER than spray and emusion?
KaptinScarlet (author)  ninjadino795 years ago
Emulsion is house decorating paint, also called Latex paint in the US. You could use any paint that dries waterproof. You could use acrylic artist's paint, or enamels (the sort that you use to paint those small figures) but that takes a bit longer to dry or you could even use gloss woodwork paint or Hammerite (Metal paint), although you will have to leave those overnight somewhere warm to dry properly. or you could use regular water colour paint and then coat it in a quick setting varnish to seal it in.
janpogi095 years ago
what colour should i use
thehongkid5 years ago
does it really dry hard??? also what colour spray paint should i use for a white wand?
D_J_T6 years ago
Is there anything other than spray paint or emulsion that I could use? I tried using paint but I wasn't satisfied. But then again it was my first time so... any suggestions?