I just picked up a good book, but I had no way to read it in bed. My only lighting was the ceiling light, which would shine directly into my eyes. Rather than bear the effort of sitting up to read, I decided to hack together a reading light with parts I had on hand.

Step 1: Design Principle

- LED booklights have been around for years. They clip to a book and an LED extends on a flexible stalk to illuminate the pages. But the design has got it all wrong. Why clip an lamp onto a book when you can implant one right into your forehead? Then it doubles as a hands-free night light that goes with you anywhere!

With 60mW of high efficiency cat-like night vision, you could reduce your carbon footprint by using less electricity. You'll need less of your high powered indoor lighting. And by reading more, you'll reduce the electricity consumed by your TV and your computer. By being a bookworm, you'll burn less calories and need less food, which will drive down the global price of food. In time, Zimbabweans may be able to buy more than one egg with Z$50 billion. This could be the solution to all the world's problems. I just hope it catches on in time. ;)
May I ask what book it is?
Debatable Space, by Philip Palmer -- ISBN 978-0-316-01892-0 Published by Orbit Books.
I IRC, it was either a Larry Niven book, or it was a nonfiction book about the Green River Killer. :)<br />
cool project, cool cat. well done.
Thanks. In addition to reading, it's also pimp for working on my vehicles in the evenings (when it's not 100 degrees outside). So I had to make a new one when I lost this one!
Cool, that looks really bright, love the cat!

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