Introduction: Make an Easy 2x4 Plywood Rolling Work Table.

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I needed a large rolling work table for my shop. I built this simple version with a shelf below. Fast and easy to build. thanks for watching

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russ_hensel (author)2015-08-03

Great but one additional idea: Edge the top to make it thicker ( I use a 2x4 ripped lengthwise ) and let it hang over so that you can apply clamps around the edge. This turns out to be really handy. You can then clamp things to the table top for a lot of applications.

avocadostains (author)2015-08-02

This is awesome. I like the bench and the shelves in another instructable.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-02

Nice photoshop clones.

Thanks, I know its a bad photo shop but oh well, I'm a woodworker. LOL

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