Step 20: Adding a bypass switch

Picture of Adding a bypass switch

You will need to buy a DPDT toggle switch or footswitch from your local electronics store. So go get one of those! It does not matter which way around you connect the switch. follow the pictures below.

tkjn2 years ago
The connections for the bypass are incorrect, the distortion will work but when turned to bypass it just connects the input back to itself and the output to he distortion input. I have just wired this up and can confirm bypass will work, I havent got as far the distortion circuit yet so can't confirm that

I hooked up schematic perfectly.

ON = sound with distortion
OFF = no signal at all (I should have clean sound)

Why is this? Any help would be great!
Guleyo3 years ago
Hi, So i have some problems :/ But the main problem i have is this:
When i added the bypass switch ( Mine is 3dpt instead of dpdt) i wired it exactly the same as in the diagram. But only Clean worked, so what i did was i changed the lower 2 legs of the switch for the ones in the middle and i put the ones in the middle under them. This way since the middle 2 legs are always on there is always something to get current between the inputs and the inputs. (Because in the original drawing I don't understand how the top 2 legs can get connected if they don't have something to connect with each other???)
But now.... only the Fuzz works and when i switch to clean it sounds extremely low volume :/ any ideas why?
Ps. i think its something to do with the battery.
muykeljan3 years ago
can i use 100k ohm resistor and 47k ohm resistor? does two 1n4148 rectifier diodes can produce harsh sound? tnx for an early reply
Zul_A7x5 years ago
is there a problem if we not add the bypass switch?? just add switch between the two diods and wire like this??? pls reply
that would just turn off the pedal, and no signal at all would go through. with a dpdt switch, when the switch is off, a clean tone still gets through(i think)
stuntdude474 years ago
I added the bypass switch when the pedal is not on the guitar does not go to the amp. any idea on how to fix this? also both input and output can be switched around and it works fine is this okay? thanks
Undermig5 years ago
ok so # 1 the switch could be a botton? so we can just hit it with our feet?
and also i thout we could add the distortion with a botton that you can rotate, to add more distortion or less distortion
mikehayworth (author)  Undermig5 years ago
you could just use a regular button with two pins but it would have to go like this: (the picture below)
and yes you could add a rotating thing, that is called a potentiometer, you would have to buy it though because chances are you would'nt be able to find the right one from taking things apart . but it says how to put one in if you go to the intro page of the instructable and go through the comments. it shows how to put a distortion controll and a volume controll too!
ok but not to give you a lot of trouble. could you make a final drawing but with a 1 red or green led light some were on the diagram + the switch. because wehn i will put it on i will want to see the light to make sure it is working propertly. and make a video of this diagram i just told you TOMMAROW PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ love you xD