Step 5: Important Step: Transistors

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Transistors Look like this:

Read This:


How do you connect a transistor?
this is what a transistor will look like in a schematic:

You probably noticed there are three lines sticking out of the circle.
The one at the top is the collector of the transistor, the one on the bottom is the emitter, and the one on the side is the base.

You can buy transistors from your local electronics store!

Oh and if you have any questions so far just leave a comment on the instructable with ur question!
The Wheel3 years ago
Please say me the exact transistor to use. please write me the name of it. (like 2n3904; 2n3906; 2n2222)
coolguy20154 years ago
i have a d882p transistor, is it npn?? and BTW can u tell me which pin is base, emitter, collector?
yajbuilder5 years ago
by the way, the CFL transistors arn't the usual E-B-C, but are E-C-B when looking at the metal side.  they do this to saves space.
Undermig5 years ago
is the first little one good? what did you use.
mikehayworth (author)  Undermig5 years ago
if ur talking about the transistor in the cfl bulb, they should both be the same type of transistors but either way they are both NPN transistors so either will work!
I got the first Transitor but the # is s9014 c 331 how you know its a NPN
mikehayworth (author)  Undermig5 years ago
Ok, that is an NPN transistor! but to find out all the info about electronic parts just google the code things you find on them and get the datasheet. So for this transistor, just google s9014 and click on one of the links, click on the datasheet download thing, (but you need to have adobe reader for the pdf) and it will open it, this is how you tell which is the collector, which is the emitter and which is the base. On the datasheet it will have the three pins labeled 3, 2, and, 1. somewhere on that page it should also have the corresponding names like for example 3-collector 2-base 1-emitter.