Introduction: How To: Make-shift Flashlight!

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Ever been in the dark and you had a flashlight, but the only batteries you had weren't the right type for the casing?
This instructable should show you how to use just about any battery to light your way.
Materials you'll need.
*Battery (I used a AAA but most others work just as well)
*Bread Tie (Commonly found wrapped around bread bags or in boxes of trash bags.)
*Clear Tape (It doesnt have to be clear, but it's easier to use)
*And obviously a light bulb.

Step 1: Strip the Bread Tie.

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Once you've gotten your materials you should strip the plastic or paper cover from the wire. Leaving only the bare metal wire, be sure to get ALL of the covering off of it, wouldn't want to start a fire would we?

Step 2: Attach Wire to Battery.

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Tape one end of the wire to the negative side of the battery (the side with the - mark)

Step 3: Attach Wire to Light Bulb.

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Now take a thinner piece of tape, (may take some customizing) and wrap the other end of the wire to the base of the light bulb (or the metal part that isnt on the very bottom) and tape the wire and the bulb together.

If the wire is too long, simply coil it around the battery or trim it. A pair of scissors should be able to cut it.

Push the light bulb over the positive (+) end of the battery to where it almost touches but doesnt.
Tape the light to the battery at this length.

Step 4: Push or Pull the Bulb Down.

Picture of Push or Pull the Bulb Down.

Since the wire and metal part should be wrapped in tape it shouldnt burn you.

To activate the light just pull the bulb down to the positive end. The tape, if its the clear kind, should bend and allow you to activate it. If you let go the tape will tense up and turn the light off.
Now there you have it.
Comment and tell me what you think.


tqwerty (author)2011-04-15

One question, how do you manage to put this together in the dark? :)

Patented (author)2009-08-21

Nice idea! But 2 things: Focus and use macro for better picture quality!

TimTheScarecrow (author)Patented2009-08-22

the camera i had at the time only has 2 focus settings. landscape and upclose and i have no clue what macro means

 Macro means really close. Should get rid of the blur in some of your pictures. 

ehh. ive gotten a new and much better camera since this was posted so its fine i suppose. as long as people get the general idea of what to do i shouldnt worry myself with it

vandamfan1234 (author)2009-07-21

i posted it, check it out!

vandamfan1234 (author)2009-07-21

haha dont be sorry, i was using a AAA battery, but i fooled around with a AA battery and tin foil and i came up with a noob friendly way to make one, i'll submit it in a little while, check it out!

vandamfan1234 (author)2009-07-20

hi, yea, i wish the pics were better resolution, got blisters on my fingers cuz i cant see wtf to do!

geeze im sorry, but if you're getting blisters i'd like to know what type of battery you're using. that sounds intense. all you gotta do is take a battery. and any piece of bendable metal *wire works best* attach it to the flat side of the battery (the negative side) then put a lightbulb at the + side and attatch the wire to the light bulb. should be no pain involved.

meddler (author)2009-06-05

I like this.

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