Belts can be frustrating when the tail end winds up between two belt loops. To fix this I simply used a hair scrunchy that was the same color as my belt. For the men out there, scrunchies are those elastic bands that women use around their hair such as when making a ponytail. You can find them at any discount or beauty store.

Step 1: Scrunch the Scrunchy..

Once I found a scrunchy of the right thickness and color I had to put a few black stitches of thread through it to keep it tight against my belt. The picture shows what it looks like on the inside-out. You just move it around so the scrunched part is between your belt and your pants.

Step 2: Finished Look..

Unless you know what to look for you'd probably never know it was there...

<p>Well done!!!!</p>
Man, I always have this problem. Great idea!
<p>That is one of the better uses I've seen for a scrunchie besides putting one's hair up. Awesome job, and thanks for sharing!</p>

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