I suppose I'm old enough to simply like the feel of a good book in my hand.  But I also love reading on my iPad mini and decided to make a hollow book to hold it.  This project applies some common bandsaw box techniques to hollowing books.  All the cuts are made using a bandsaw, however a scrollsaw could be used as well.  It's a fun project! 

List of materials:
  • A hardback book
  • Glues - Elmer's glue, superglue, kid's push-up stick glue.  You don't need all 3 but I found it easier to use different types in different places.
  • Glue brush
  • Wax paper
  • Rubberband or masking tape
  • Rare earth magnet and a 1/4" bolt washer (optional)
  • Straightedge, pencil, ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • Bandsaw or scrollsaw
  • 3/16 bandsaw blade
  • A nail or staple gun
  • Shellac
  • Flocking kit including mini-flocker, adhesive & flocking felt

Step 1: Grab a Book & Add a Magnet

The selection of your book is a personal one and the options are virtually limitless.  Ideally it should be a hard cover book to protect your iPad screen and provide longer service.  I chose a thicker book because I wanted storage for my glasses, ear buds, cords, etc.  This book also fit nicely in my hand and is a comfortable size to carry.  WIthout the covers, the pages measure about an inch.  (This is not thick enough to store the white plug end for charging your iPad which is about an inch square.  If you want to include the plug you'll need a 1.25-1.5" book.)  

To fasten the book shut you can bury a magnet and metal washer prior to doing any gluing.  On the corner of the cover, peel back the liner and mark the location for the washer.  Make sure this will not interfere with your cut line as your magnet will be in the same spot within the books pages.  The center of the washer is roughly 1/2" from both edges.  Use an exacto knife to cut into the cardboard cover and glue the washer in place and then the liner.  

For the rare earth magnet, start cutting your holes on approximately the 8th page.  A 1/8x1/2" magnet is enough.  Since the pages are smaller than the cover, the center of the magnet is 3/8" from both edges.  In my case, the book was so close to the size of the iPad that the magnet is quite close to the edge.  As long as the magnet is not in the way of the saw blade the magnet can be placed anywhere.  With the magnet in place, glue the corners of 3-4 pages over the top of the magnet to secure.  The sides of the book will be glued in the next step.
<p>What about tablets with side buttons and plugins?</p>
It depends somewhat on how much you use them. For the volume buttons on the side of my iPad I just tip the top end out, push button, and lay it back down. To make enough space to get my fingers in there without lifting it would mean a much wider book. If you use the buttons a lot then a bigger book is necessary to accommodate relief cutouts.<br><br>Plug-ins - On recent books I've cut a canal or tunnel to accommodate cords.
until you try to play clash.
That's cool
I like the bandsaw technique, sure beats cutting out the pages with an exacto knife!! Very clean, great looking finished product!!
Good idea , <br>you can also add an extra battery in back of the ipod and hide battery

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