Picture of Make an iPod Speaker from a Hallmark Music Card
Ever get one of those cards for your birthday that plays music when you open it? Don't throw it away! With a little help from Tony the Tiger, you can use it as a speaker for your iPod.

Step 1: Required materials

Picture of required materials
Hallmark Music Card
Old headphones
One empty cereal box from a Kellogg's Cereal Variety Pack - I used Frosted Flakes, but you can choose your favorite cereal. It will not impact the outcome of this project. ;-)
Glue Gun
Electrical tape
Utility knife
Not required, but helpful: Soldering iron
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ewilhelm6 years ago
This project was mentioned on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday!
coolsid71 made it!4 months ago

I just finished a test version for summer camp for kids at
our Computer Clubhouse at the Boys & Girls Club. It is a cool
project. I made some adjustments. Speaker on top and bottom, speaker
wire and mini jack and rubber feet. Kids will solder connections when
they create their own. The headphone wire I tried to use was causing
too many problems so we decided to go with speaker wire. We also
decided to try a design where it lays flat. It plays pretty loud from a
computer (mac) but from a cell phone and one of our PCs the volume only gets to an average sound
level. But still cool!!!!

link221 year ago

Dang! My dad put both wires from the headphones into both wires from the speakers and I didn't work. DO NOT DO THIS! It is unfixable,

How loud is it?

As loud as the card played the audio

link221 year ago

Can I use a different heat source to burn away the fiber stuff?

droski212 years ago
hmmm... so do I cut before the wire splits or after? Thanks in advance =)
So are the headphones just used for their TRS plug and the card just for its speaker? This Instructable is a bit hard to follow.
Cool it works!!
mg99903 years ago

I made this video, based off of this instructable :) hope it helps anyyone. feel free to ask me questions
nickiek5 years ago
Im trying to use a set of ipod headphones for this and there are four wires in it. A green, red, a green and red, and a copper wire. im trying to attach them in almost all combinations and they are not working. any tips?
mg9990 nickiek3 years ago
Ok so what you need to do is separate the RED and COPPER wires from the headphones. You can tape the other 2 to the cable or cut them or keep them for adding a second speaker the same way. Then you need to take a lighter and burn the red and copper wires until they are black, but leave a little hint of color at the bottom so you can tell which is which. When you burn them, you will light the fiber insulation in the middle that keeps you from making a conection when you tie/solder the wires together. :) Hope it works for you! I found my project did not work with a pair of headphones that were broken (thought i'd try it). Make sure your headphones work before you use them!
mine did not work
i,personaly, think there are NO POINT to these cards. why do they make them anyways?
My 4-year-old thinks these musical cards are the shizzle. I just wish they made them with a battery that doesn't last so long...because enough is enough already...
lol i have a lil bro and sis who are exactly like u described- i got a musical card for my bday and they abused it to the point where my mom threw it out. ah, wish i knew about this project then... :( haha
um.... does it need batteries?
dg33 clydicus5 years ago
just tape the electronics to someones door or wardrobe... descreat so they cant find it...

the worse the song the more annoying it is...
To irritate people to the point where they disassemble them and make them into ipod speakers.
so people can make these :D
packerfan126 years ago
would duct tape work instead of electrical?
duct tape??? what is it with instructables and duct tape??? yes it would work.
Foaly7 jotism6 years ago
Duct Tape is The Universal Medium, and it fixes everything. Duct Tape Owns. That's what's up.
duct tape is like the force. it has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together
U stole that! From my Pa! Good on ya.
jotism Foaly76 years ago
Yep, duct tape wallets are good too.
i made a duct tape tie once
i have one
Foaly7 Foaly76 years ago
Actually strike that second sentence. DUCT TAPE PWNS!
covey12 Foaly76 years ago
ductape is a rednecks best friend example: "Bubba the radiators shot, go get some ducktape (not duct for rednecks)"
Duct Tape will work instead for pretty much anything! lol
tru dat!
i want to know how to actualy AMPLIFY it. thats what i'm looking for!
Zackly! I saw another instructable that mentions an amplifier, but not much about it... frustrating. I made one with a cardboard cornmeal can... also no amp, but it's almost loud enough, with the musical card speakers. Good luck with your search. If you find something, post here, I'll do the same, okay?
Thanks Caleb.

lwatson516 years ago
Or for stereo, just get another Hallmark card for a second speaker, keep both wires from the headphones and get another cereal box or maybe a small milk carton to complement the cereal box!
Hallmark makes a small line of three part, two speaker, STEREO cards for about $6.

The giant $10 cards (like the one that plays "Chicken Dance") use a totally different type of speaker. It is a small cylinder about the size of a die (half a pair of dice) that when held by the leads in free air is silent, but can turn any object into a speaker. I put it against my head and had a bone conduction speaker. It is marked 32ohms 1 Watt.
(Any one want to try to make a headset from these or give your deaf dalmation a taste of sound?)

Sound cards are a great idea for anyone who has a blind friend.
Cor822 Johenix4 years ago
Could you post a picture of the type of speaker that you used to get the bone speaker effect and a picture of the card? i got 1 of the "chicken dance" cards you talked about and heres the picture. if this is the type of card you got could you reply? thanks!
the bone speaker is hilarious and raally cool
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