Make an IPod Video Projector





Introduction: Make an IPod Video Projector

Project video and pictures on a screen using your iPod!

Step 1: The Setup

The idea is simple, Focus the light from your iPod onto a nearby screen by means of lenses and mirrors.

Step 2: Cardboard Is Underrated

Making prototypes is fast and easy using cardboard and a glue gun. A layer of black tape and that Apple sticker makes for a nice look.

Step 3: Lights Down

In order to see anything it must be dark in the room.



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In theory, this would work for Android phones too, correct?

U can use a magnifying lens and a box check out mine!

hi tanntraad can i just use magnifying glass instead of projector lenses

Is it possible to do this w/out an old projector lens?

that is awesome
pretty cool and simple

Awesome!!! I'm getting an iTouch at the beginning of middle school, I'm making one of these!!!


interesting... i'll try this for sure!

In today's day and age, where abouts can one get a lens setup like that? If nothing else, how could one improvise?