Picture of Make an iPod Video Projector
Project video and pictures on a screen using your iPod!

Step 1: The setup

Picture of The setup
The idea is simple, Focus the light from your iPod onto a nearby screen by means of lenses and mirrors.

Step 2: Cardboard is underrated

Picture of Cardboard is underrated
Making prototypes is fast and easy using cardboard and a glue gun. A layer of black tape and that Apple sticker makes for a nice look.

Step 3: Lights down

Picture of Lights down
In order to see anything it must be dark in the room.
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ChaosMarine2 years ago
In theory, this would work for Android phones too, correct?
Yes it would
U can use a magnifying lens and a box check out mine!
Jacky P2 years ago
hi tanntraad can i just use magnifying glass instead of projector lenses

Is it possible to do this w/out an old projector lens?
darkcurtis2 years ago
that is awesome
pretty cool and simple
Awesome!!! I'm getting an iTouch at the beginning of middle school, I'm making one of these!!!

Bajwa3 years ago
interesting... i'll try this for sure!
Kryptonite3 years ago
In today's day and age, where abouts can one get a lens setup like that? If nothing else, how could one improvise?
Harun Miya3 years ago
How many lences can be used there?
sinrockets3 years ago
Maybe ill make one and add a bunch of like 5 or 6 leds and maybe get a better projection?
That would just wash out your image. because the color comes from the lcd, and adding leds outside the lcd would be no different than trying to watch it in a brightly lit room.
he light source must come from the screen or else you'll just end up with a bad image. The light passes through the LCD to get filtered out to it's individual colors.
I so what to do this!!

To everyone asking about LEDs...I"m no tech wizard but I do know that no matter what style of projector you have, using a proper screen will always make it nicer.
psycho_38523 years ago
could this be used by another devise that is not a ipod, but another kind of screen that is still LCD?
pyromonkey3 years ago
Very cool, you used the principal of a DSLR for a projector. Well done :)
SirNoodlehe3 years ago
Amazing idea, well done!
That is pretty bad@ss. I don't own an ipod but I can see this being useful for other projects. 5 stars.
vincent75204 years ago
Love this QAD (quick and dirty) instructables !!!…
No fuss, no perfection … just an excellent idea put into use as soon as it comes with whatever is in the attic or at the rear of the garage …

Moreover it revives those old movies parties we had when I was a kid. All curtains had to be drawn and it felt like "cinema at home" … was much better than TV or so we thought for a brief moment of our childhood !…

Excellent !…
tanntraad (author)  vincent75204 years ago
I agree on that "cinema at home" feeling. At only half your age, I still have some of my childhood on slides. No amount of mega pixels can beat that.
how big is the projection?
this you should ask the author : I only posted a comment on his / her project … 
How nice is your answer …
The only true life in this world in when we are kids !!!!…

Lately I found slides that my father took of my sister and I back in 1961 in Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro with al those monuments intact (who could guess a war would rage 30 years later ?). These pics are the best memories in my life … although I did a lot of traveling, lived in the US, sailed on various part on the Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic …
Butt the "naive" touch is still remembered best.

generations after generations life / emotions are still the same…
MCzone4 years ago
If I use my touch, will i get a bigger projection
Mr. Pyro MCzone4 years ago
"If I use my touch, will I get a bigger projection?" the simple question sounds so suggestive... I am not however immature

MCzone Mr. Pyro4 years ago
i wonder if the quality will be better
dombeef4 years ago
I made one using my iPod touch, with retina display!
how well does it work?
Eh, The mirror and magnifiying glass are both scratched up, but It is useable, the quality is ok
dude what is up with that picture for step 3
Its a hot girl with stickers on her body...why in the world are you questioning it?!
I immediatly wet to step 3 when I saw that comment. lol
because people tend to avoid this stuff
who...who avoids 1/2 naked girls?
I DONT!!!!
Only 12 year olds.
that came out mean....it wasn't supposed to be :|
baileygrib4 years ago
can this be modded to project an ipads screen?? even though i know that the screen in big enoguh! haha
how big is the projection?
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