Make an iPod nano dock out of an iPod Mini dock

Picture of Make an iPod nano dock out of an iPod Mini dock
Explains how to easily convert an old dock meant for an ipod mini for use with an ipod nano (both the first and second gen once).

If you like me had an iPod mini and got the dock for it left over, and now bought a iPod nano and quite frankly think that $29.00 is overkill for a dock this is for you.

Is it hard?
It's quite easy, the hardest part is to re-shape the shell of the dock to accommodate the adapter and all that needs is a dremel, sandpaper, a file and some time.

Parts needed:
iPod Nano
iPod Mini Dock
iPod Nano Universal Dock Adapter (comes with the iPod nano)

Tools needed:
Dremel or saw
Gluegun or other good glue

Less than 30 mins
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Step 1: Opening the iPod mini dock

Picture of Opening the iPod mini dock
Open the dock
The white upper part is kept in place with teeth on all 4 sides, you need to gently pry the white plastic outwards to free it from the grooves, something flat and hard is ideal, dont pry too hard or you will hurt the plastic.

Step 2: Mockup of the parts

Picture of Mockup of the parts
Time to mockup the parts, all parts needed in the project already fit nicely together, except the white shell, we will get to that later.

First get the ipod mini dock's "guts" (picture 1), add the iPod nano universal dock adapter (picture 2) and place so the hole in the adapter sits around the dock connector of the guts, your result should look like picture 3. Make sure to orient the adapter correctly, add your nano and make sure it all fits (picture 4), if the dock is in working order the nano will make a sound when connected to it, even if the dock isn't plugged in into something.

You could use the dock in this state, but having the guts visible doesn't appeal to some people (including me).
Ummmm, dude. the iPod in the pictures on the final page doesn't look like a nano. In fact, it looks like a mini.
Ummmm, dude. The iPod in the pictures on the final page is a Nano. In fact, it resembles the Mini, but it is much thinner.
its completly a nano. i have a mini still. nothing like the pic.
Except that the screen is colored, and it is a completely different thickness/width from the original hole. It's a 4gb silver nano.
It's a second gen nano
SolaDude7 years ago
Thanks for the great instructions! I have done a modification of my own thanks to your input.
Modified iPod Dock.jpg
mailmanbam7 years ago
its a nano minis have a white middle
CpHarding8 years ago
nice - i did something similar for my dad's gf, but rather than removing the clips( teeth) and raising the shell, using a very small file- and a lot of patience, i made a hole in the top on the dock shell, so that the nano adapter could sit flush with the dock shell. this looks like much less work thou!!!