The purpose of this project is to provide a link between an object and the instructable nedded to build it.
For this project I will make a patch to apply to my messanger bag
(instructables: www.instructables.com/id/Storm-proof-messenger-bag/ or simply point your qr-code reader to the photo of this instructable)

Step 1: Material

  •  a qr-code generator (I used http://www.zenoplex.jp/tools/google_charts_qrcode.html that use the APIs from google)
  • orange yarn
  • black yarn
  • white cross stitch fabric
  • an object related to a public instructable
  • a simple image editor
  • a threaded Needle

Step 2: Generate the Qr-code

 - go to www.zenoplex.jp/tools/google_charts_qrcode.html or a similar site (i suggest you to use one that use google chart API)
- set the size of the qr code to 33 pixels
- set the encoding to UTF-8
- set the error correction level to low (ec level: L)
- set margin to 0
- in the source text insert the url of your instructable (i used my instructable www.instructables.com/id/Storm-proof-messenger-bag/)

Step 3: Apply the Qr-code to a Nice Design

- surround the qr code with a nice design. My final image is 51x80 pixels (see first image)
- apply on the design a 1 pixel green grid to highlight pixels (second image)

NOTE: you can use the first image as starting point for your patch

Step 4: Sew the Image on the Fabric

- print a full page copy of the image produced in the last step (the one with the green grid)
- start to copy the design to the fabric sawing the orange and the black yarn (see the first image). For every pixel of the design do a cross-stitch (this is why you should keep the design simple and small)
- you can save time doing half-crosses (slashes) with the orange. The result is less precise but still looks good
- when comes to the qr-code part take your time and be precise (do full crosses and not slashes), you wont to mess with the black/white squares!

Step 5: Apply the Patch to the Physical Instructable

Apply the patch to the object your qr-code link to.
For me is my storm-proof messanger bag. I made an example photo to show youan application.
Because of the storm-proofness of my bag, I will add the patch in a dry place in the bag :)

Step 6: Video Demonstration

Hah! I just had this idea, and decided to see if someone had already done it. You had, and really well too! :) <br>
Thanks :)
This is such a great idea! <br> <br>-Doctordv
how can I add a video?<br />
Nice! This would be an awesome boy scouts badge!<br />
Nice one, I just love this modern cross stitching.<br />
cross stitching 2.0 :)<br />
Love the fact you added a QR&nbsp;code to this!&nbsp;<br />
This is a real nice idea! <br />
&nbsp;Thanks :) &nbsp;.. nice avatar!

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