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I found an even easier and more effective way of keeping prying eyes away from my stuff in Ubuntu, and thought I would expand another of my tutorials, "Create an Invisible Desktop Shortcut in Ubuntu". This one is so easy, I'm not even going to use more than one step. Enjoy...

Step 1: Create folder

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The first (and only) step is to create a folder. Name it whatever you want, in my example I'll use stuff. Place a period at the beginning of the folder name, making the final name of the folder .stuff. The preceding period makes the folder hidden in Linux. Now with my desktop in view, hold down the 'ctrl' key and tap the letter 'H'. Voila! Use this key combination to toggle between your stuff folder being hidden from view and shown. The only other thing is to place your contraband into that folder and admire your handiwork. The contents of this folder needn't necessarily be illegal or immoral, maybe you just want to maintain a tidy desktop.

P.S. I know this isn't really secure, but in my house/work there aren't any people that are intimately familiar with Linux. This is a good deterrent as this trick doesn't really exist in windows.
geekyfas5 years ago
For me, it only works in the file browser. The folder still appears on the desktop  though. I'm using Jaunty. Anyway.. it's a neat little trick.
nsxtech7 years ago
I like it, but it appears to be a Gnome-centric tidbit. I'm using Gutsy with KDE/kdm and the ctrl-h toggle doesn't work. There may be a KDE counterpart though.
stuffman (author)  nsxtech7 years ago
Ah, I'm not adventurous enough (yet) to explore KDE, it's funny how different interfaces can make you uncomfortable in front of your own computer, even though everything's all where it should be. For KDE, you can follow this link, which is very similar to another instructable I did before I found the ctrl+h trick. Thx for the comment,