In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make an old timey sounding microphone that will plug into a guitar amp or something with a similar plug (1/4" phono plug).

Step 1: What You Need

-1/4" Female phono connector (guitar jack, whatever you want to call it)
-Soda can
-Piezoelectric buzzer, mine is quite large and came from a telephone ringer
-Some wire, both stranded type (if your leads from the piezo element aren't long enough) and safety wire (if you want a super ghetto attachment system like me)
is it for vocals....?????<br>
If you sing into it. It's not designed for anything in particular, it's really just a buzzer in a can.
Yeah, awesome project !!! I've just tried to make it this afternoon, and it's amazing ! I only replaced safety wire by gaffa or duct tape... with an awful french beer can (excuse my poor english... ).<br>Using a plastic membrane (as plastic bag, why not?) in place of the can top with the piezo glued on (without plastic shield) could be another experience to make... with large and thin piezos.<br>Thanks a lot, you give me many ideas...
pop can tops also come off with a standard can opener around the outer most silver lip on the top of the can only.
Would you mind posting an mp3 or youtube so we can hear what it sounds like?
Added a link in the last step.
Thanks. Great old sound. Alos, loved the song! :)

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