I once came across an antique desk, all busted up, waiting for the garbage truck. It was sad to see it there because I could tell it was once very nice. By searching desks that looked just like it I figured it was made in the late 1800's or early 1900's. I reclaimed a couple of the drawers and made this jewelry box. The box itself is no longer an antique but at least the materials are.

To go inside it I made this pendant. The bezel is made from nickel while the stone is black granite. The granite came from the construction site of a Las Vegas casino.

This is what I love about handmade gifts. It’s more than investing your time, effort, and creativity into an object. It’s creating a story to accompany your gift. Both these items are headed to Germany. It's part of a gift exchange with one of my instructables friends.

Step 1: Make a Box

The design of this box is fairly simple. Six sides, one of which hinges with the help of coat hanger wire. I used GridWorks (actually regular old graph paper and pencil) to draw up an exploded view. Because the wood I used had hardware already in it I had to make sure my cutting kept it centered.
<p>Being a antique geek I have to say i love the antique 'look' you have created on the jewelry box, a lot of care and time taken and you should be proud of the end result.</p>
This is beautiful work, thanks for sharing it.
Love the box,nice to see someone go outside the norm. when building something,its really nice when it comes together the way yours did.Nice job.
Congrats on winning 1st place in the Holiday Contest!! Very nice instructable!!
Your welcome!
Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize... Your stuff r amazing as usual!
Thank you. I'm freaking out over here.
I know the feeling! I freaked out when I won the chainsaw! :-D <br>anything for Valentines???
Congrats on winning the big prize! Your german friend is lucky to receive your project :-)
Thanks! It turned out to be a real fun gift exchange. I'll surely do it again this year.
Congrats on the win! This one definately deserves it!
I'm really excited about it. Thanks!
Wow, congrats on winning! You deserve it, the pendant is awesome and I'm wearing it with pride!
Thanks! Everyone I show the gifts you made me are just as impressed as I am.
This is an awesome instructable! Outstanding!
Great work with the box. I love a good box.
Both of these are just beautiful! I am a little confused. Is there a key hole in the front and the back of the box?
Yes, it's made from antique desk drawers. So they used to serve a purpose but now it's decorative. Thanks.
Oh I see! I was just wondering, I thought I was missing some secret compartment!
Just gave it a shot. I'll never be as good as you but i wouldn't say its too bad. awesome instructable as always.
Looks great! You did an especially good job on polishing which is often the hardest part on a first try. Thanks for posting a photo.
Thanks! this is the first time I've ever done anything with stone. it ain't great but not too bad i guess, but I'm gonna have to find some better looking stone (this one is a random pick from the creek) maybe i can find a big enough piece of rose quarts, i think that would look pretty good.
Just keep in mind you need a diamond wheel to work with rose quartz. You can find them in the same isle they sell dremel bits.
thanks for the tip. the first stone i used was soft enough to work on an aluminum-oxide grinding wheel on a bench grinder, but i don't think anything harder would work very well.
nicely done
Really nice work! Where did the wood originally come from?
An old desk. Thanks
amazing work as always mr. B.
^what he said!^
Wow, this is what I get? I am amazed! Still not telling you what you get, though ;-)

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