Introduction: Make Any Old Bread Loaf Look Like a New One

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In this easy instructables you'll see how to reuse an old bread and give it back its "freshness".

Step 1: Easy Materials !

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You'll need three things

1. Brown paper bag
2. An old bread loaf
3. Water

Step 2: Preparing Everything

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1.Use the water to wet the paper bag
2.Put the loaf in the bag
3.Close the bag
4. Heat the oven to about 350 - 400 F

Step 3: The Final Step

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Put the bag into the oven for about 5- 10 minutes or until the bag is dry

The loaf should feel like a brand new one even if it's a week old or more !


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-11-13

Awesome! Nice tip!

Thanks :)

Taciturnn (author)2012-11-14

Thanks a lot! great tip!

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