Make Apps Invisible Ios 8.2





Introduction: Make Apps Invisible Ios 8.2

this is a cool glitch using the nested folder bug!

What you need:

As many apps you want to hide (at least 2)

5 other apps

Patience (but once you learn you can do it in seconds!)

We're going to be hiding the game bounce and on song

Step 1: Create a Folder With at Least 2 Apps You Want to Hide

Step 2: Create a Nested Folder

This is a bit tricky. Basically what you want to do is make a new folder and before the folder zooms in quickly hold down of the other folder to pick it up and then let go when the new folder opens

Step 3: Make One Last Nested Folder

Put the other nested folder into this one

Step 4: Take All the Apps Out of the Folders From the Font to Back

Leave the apps you want to hide

Step 5: Drag the Folder With the to Be Hidden Apps Out and Press the Home Button

Basically you should have a folder with nothing in it but another folder that has the folder with the to be hidden apps in it. Grab that folder and go to take it out as you would take out an app. But instead of waiting for it to go out of the folder push the home button

Step 6: And Magic Its Gone

The only way to find the app is to spotlight search it! (Swiping from the Middle of the homes screen down and searching) if you don't understand these steps leave a comment and I will try to help you



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I think this can offically be classified as a IOS 8 bug :P