Picture of Make awesome cursors from your favorite games
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in this instructable i will be showing you how to make a cursor for your computer mine is a metal gear bigboss cursor i hope you come up with somthing you love. umm im 14 and this is my first instructable soo ummm yeah....... you know the story blah blah don critisize me ! oh yeah and download just cursors so download it here ...http://download.cnet.com/JustCursors/3000-2317_4-10406297.html
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Step 1: Design

well now its tim to chose what you want as your mouse cursor i chose snake you can do your own design too so go ahead give it a go.

Step 2: Start at the right corner

Picture of Start at the right corner
depending on if your computer has left or right mouse settings (mine has right ) you will make a small arrow on the to corrner.

Step 3: WHoa things are getting interesting

Picture of WHoa things are getting interesting
then draw in a character outline or prefered design.

Step 4: Noir or not noir

Picture of Noir or not noir
add colors or leave it noir . what the heck its snake .... :D

Step 5: Download him NOW!

Snake ..... DO NOT STEAL MY WORK ( I know who you are) I drew this and wasted my time so please ask before distributing on other sites i will know... color or noir you can download both ! but please thank and comment .......................
xtank56 years ago
How do we use these cursors? Do you know how and can you tell us?
SNiPERSeyes (author)  xtank56 years ago
go into control panel then into mouse settings then into the pointers tab then press browse find the file and viola p.s. you can make a cursor swap with any othe so basicaly you can make a whole new windows theme to your liking so yeah i uhh hoped that helped