Make Biodegradable Seeding Pots.





Introduction: Make Biodegradable Seeding Pots.

I don't know how you call these things in proper English. If you do, please let me know.

This Instructable will show you how to make your own fast green, biodegradable seeding pot, in which you can grow your seeds. After the seeds rooted you can put the hole pot into the next pot or into the dirt outside. The roots will pervade the paper pots while the newspaper rots.

Step 1: Supplies.

What you'll need:

  • a newspaper
  • a scissor
  • something cone-shaped in the diameter you want your pots

Step 2: Cut or Rip Some Stripes.

Cut or rip some stripes of the newspaper. The dimensions are chosen by you. The length will be just the width of the newspaper. Choose the width a bit wider than you want your pot to be high (make funny comments about that and I'll bite your head off).

Step 3: Roll It.

Lay the cone shaped object of your choice onto the paper and roll the paper around it, it should cover the hole thing. You can also use the paper double layered, if you want the pots to be more stiff.
The paper must overlap the object you wrap around. This overlapping part, you crumple together, building the bottom of the pot.

Step 4: Crumple and Turn!

Hold on the bottom end, locate it in position, while you turn the paper with your other hand to stiff the pot.
Pay attention on not ripping the paper.
Now your pot is finished. Pull it off the cone.

Step 5: Finished Pots and Area of Application.

On the pictures underneath you see the finished pot in its area of application.

Mine are very unaesthetic, but I made them quick and it works for my purposes.



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    wonderful, the ripple effect really makes them very stiff, even single layered.

    good work!!

    I think i'm gonna have to try this, I was gonna try to make the diy block maker but it's getting pretty close to when i have to start seeds

    As tglassburner says this is a cylinder in this 'ible, BUT...

    you can find a slightly TAPERED [larger at top than at the bottom] mold / form, it will be easier to remove the delecate wet newspaper pot from the mold.

    how long do these last? I'd like to make them stronger so they last longer @ 8 to 12 weeks before they start to break down. any ideas? thanxs strax

    1 reply

    Use glossy the paper (not to friendly to the environment) in newspapers and magazine. Still must avoid to over water the plants, thats what destroy the pot. It worked for me for about 8 weeks( I did not have the need to keep them in the pot any longer). I also use more layers of regular newspaper and it worked. it won't look at nice but....



    1 reply

    I imagine there is not a set size. Decide what you want to plant, and make the size of your pot based on the size you would need for your chosen plant. I'm sure you can use a cup, or coffee can, or soda bottle for the initial form.

    would this work well with other materials like office paper or pages of magazines, or thicker paper? I love the idea!

    1 reply

    Yes of course. But the newspaper-paper rottens even better than some ofiice or - even worse - coated paper like it is used in magazines.

    My mom used to have (probably still has) the dedicated wooden tool for making these. Got it at Lee Valley, I think.

    very cool I'll be using it

    This idea is so good. :D You save money, the environment, and effort in repotting.

    High five! This is awesome. I actually thought about buying "recycled materials seeding pots" this year, and thought, there is a better way. Rock!


    I've made these before, after seeing a commercial gadget you can buy to make these pots, called a "Paper Potter", I believe. They charge a lot for what is basically a wooden cylinder to roll your newspaper around. The cardboard middle from loo rolls also work, and are handy if you want a sturdier version.

    I use a cambel's soup can for a form when i make my paper pots and an old medium sized peaches can for tomato plants. I can't fold for crap though so i take a strip or two of paper and glue it to the bottom of the paper pot with elmers glue in the shape of a U. The paper also adds mulch to your garden.

    thats really cool

    The best part is that you can plant these in a bigger pot once the seeds have grown without removing the paper. It will degrade over time, so you don't have to worry about damaged roots.

    This is a great idea, which my grandmother used over fifty years ago - not because they were "green" (that idea hadn't been invented then), but because they were cheaper than real pots.