Introduction: Make Blowgun Darts Out of Ordinary Stuff

Picture of Make Blowgun Darts Out of Ordinary Stuff

this will tell you how to make fairly effective blowgun darts out of a straw, flag cocktail toothpick, blu-tac and knitting wool or yarn of any colour.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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to begin you will need:

a drinking straw (wider straws are better)

a ball of blu-tac

some yarn or knitting wool

a cocktail toothpick with flag

Step 2: Making the Dart Shaft and Tail

Picture of Making the Dart Shaft and Tail

to make this section:

1. cut straw to 1cm longer than width of straw

2. cut 2 and a half inch pieces of string

3. place bunched ends of string onto flag as shown (do not tape, i did in photo and the dart tail sucked)

4. roll flag tightly around string

5. insert assembly into straw point-first

Step 3: Finalizing

Picture of Finalizing

to finish these darts:

1. pull toothpick through straw so all the wooden part is exposed

2. apply a small amount of blu-tac to make a head and to fix the flag-pick to the straw

3. ensure that the straw is sealed at the front end by the blu-tac and that no blu-tac extends over the edge of the straw (this will create lots of friction between the tac and blowgun inside)

4. cut the tail to about an inch exposed

5. fire at a target!


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sharlston (author)2009-05-16

use strike anyway matches instead of a nail or toothpick then fire at rock and it pops

DGerman (author)2008-10-31

Has anyone tried 1) wooden match shaft 2) press sewing needle, eye end into one end of the match 3) slit other end and insert split paper match (for tail, drag) Toss lightly, They stick into sheet rock walls

pindalanderz (author)DGerman2009-03-21

you just gave me a good idea. use a wood match instead of a toothpick. and light it on fire.

sdfive (author)2009-02-06

its amazing how the subjectcan be changed from blowdarts to canadians in 2 posts flat lol.

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