video Make comfortable platform shoes
Everybody wants to walk like a big man, right?

Well, we also like to avoid blisters. In this video I took some platforms off of old boots and attached them to some comfy sneakers.

NOTE: You will loose the stability that a lace-up boot provides for your ankles.
TheOwl681 year ago
When I embarked on the search for DIY ideas on making my own platforms for boots I already have, I never expected the pleasure and entertainment of your video *smiles* Absolutely superb, thank you so much for sharing this! Made my day!
nanotopia2 years ago
Thanks for the inspiration.
Hyper pink!!
SewLolita4 years ago
I have nothing constructive to add... just want to say that now I /really/ regret throwing away my two fallen-apart pairs of platforms :D

also: YAY! pink fluffy shirtless man! i am now more cheerful for having seen this video
pdawgp4U5 years ago
 Nice Instructable LOVE the boots...........
otoupalik5 years ago
That's awesome I will have to try that for my first year at the Burn in 2010.
canida7 years ago
Those look SWEET! I'd totally turn my ankle, though.
Yeah, I'd totally be like: "Dance dance dance.... *CRACK*....Oh God! The pain!"
ScottSEA6 years ago
I remember when I had abs.
karmacrane6 years ago
ohh fairy floss hair awesome! (oft) any ways awesome platforms! *thumbs up*
omnibot6 years ago
Oooohhh!!!! That is so cool. I just love the look on the cops faces and those silly protesters looking uneasy in the background.
e-pandemic6 years ago
you remind me a lot of my husband.
Rozzalyn6 years ago
Did I ever tell you, You're my hero :)
HalcyonPink (author)  Rozzalyn6 years ago
awww, Thank you!! ((HUG))
meg-sway6 years ago
I think I love you! Awesome job and very economically savvy. Nice work, my friend.
poltergasm6 years ago

the drummer w/ whom i live does this all the time.

we have been together for years but i am sure this activity predated me.

[me & my hundred pairs of platform shoes, but nevermind that.]

i thought that this might be a tape he made in secret. for no reason. [double edged meaning purposefully stated herein, hereupon.] especially when i read:

You must terrify your neighbors.

he gets told stuff like that too. me too. if i said which silent movie actor's wife hung garlic on her door to ward away my exhusband & myself, tho, this would be stating entirely too much.

You must terrify your neighbors. Not that that's a bad thing. XD Dear god the pink THE PINK
Deadpunk7 years ago
if you wana make any pair of shoes more comfortable cut a layer of mole skin to put inside them it's an old boy scout trick I learnd when I was younger and belive me it comes in handy if you have to hike 5-10 miles
Sunny1246137 years ago
funny,but cool I like to try different things..
shooby7 years ago
reddragon7 years ago
Tres cool this gives me a great Ideal for an old pair of boots I have.
great idea! love it