Make Comfortable Platform Shoes





Introduction: Make Comfortable Platform Shoes

Everybody wants to walk like a big man, right?

Well, we also like to avoid blisters. In this video I took some platforms off of old boots and attached them to some comfy sneakers.

NOTE: You will loose the stability that a lace-up boot provides for your ankles.



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    Duuuuude!! u rock! thank u 4 the added idea of using screws to crank 'em down nice n firm. i don't trust glue alone. i'm going to try it AND i think i'll even heat the screw up so it melts the rubber a bit upon entry to create a little extra "grab" + adhesion. hoping to help prevent it from loosening from frequent wear as time goes forward. and the fake fur??? get outta my head!!

    When I embarked on the search for DIY ideas on making my own platforms for boots I already have, I never expected the pleasure and entertainment of your video *smiles* Absolutely superb, thank you so much for sharing this! Made my day!

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hyper pink!!

    I have nothing constructive to add... just want to say that now I /really/ regret throwing away my two fallen-apart pairs of platforms :D

    also: YAY! pink fluffy shirtless man! i am now more cheerful for having seen this video

     Nice Instructable LOVE the boots...........

    That's awesome I will have to try that for my first year at the Burn in 2010.

    Those look SWEET! I'd totally turn my ankle, though.

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    Yeah, I'd totally be like: "Dance dance dance.... *CRACK*....Oh God! The pain!"

    I remember when I had abs.

    ohh fairy floss hair awesome! (oft) any ways awesome platforms! *thumbs up*

    Oooohhh!!!! That is so cool. I just love the look on the cops faces and those silly protesters looking uneasy in the background.

    you remind me a lot of my husband.

    I think I love you! Awesome job and very economically savvy. Nice work, my friend.


    the drummer w/ whom i live does this all the time.

    we have been together for years but i am sure this activity predated me.

    [me & my hundred pairs of platform shoes, but nevermind that.]

    i thought that this might be a tape he made in secret. for no reason. [double edged meaning purposefully stated herein, hereupon.] especially when i read:

    You must terrify your neighbors.

    he gets told stuff like that too. me too. if i said which silent movie actor's wife hung garlic on her door to ward away my exhusband & myself, tho, this would be stating entirely too much.

    You must terrify your neighbors. Not that that's a bad thing. XD Dear god the pink THE PINK

    if you wana make any pair of shoes more comfortable cut a layer of mole skin to put inside them it's an old boy scout trick I learnd when I was younger and belive me it comes in handy if you have to hike 5-10 miles

    funny,but cool I like to try different things..