I was trying to find a way to make realistic creepy spider webs for a Halloween haunted house and I found this great website.  I haven't modified the design, just added a secondary lid without slits so that i can keep any unused spider web solution. But here's what i did and some of the things I would do differently next time.

NOTE: rubber cement webs are made of rubber cement. This means that you SHOULD NOT use this machine indoors or you will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to clean sticky rubber cement webs off your stuff. Do not spray on pets, siblings or your parents (or any other living creature). And use only in well-ventilated areas on objects that you are willing to cover in rubber cement.

First of all - supplies and tools:

1) a drill (I found that a high-powered fast corded drill worked better than my cordless drill)
2) a small old fan with plastic blades 
3) 2x plastic cups with snap on lids
4) 6" 1/4 threaded carriage bolt
5) 3x 1/4 nuts
6) 1/4 wingnut
7) rubber cement and Bestine rubber cement thinner
8) homemade rubber cement stirring rod (fits in drill)
9) hacksaw
(not pictured below): rubber washers or furniture sliders and a hot glue gun

Step 1: Drill Holes

I used a drill press to carefully drill 1/4" holes in the centre of two of the lids, the centre of the plastic cup and the centre of the plastic washers (these are actually furniture sliders). Note of caution: small objects are difficult to control and hold down when you are drilling into them. Set your drill press to the slowest rpm and SLOWLY bring the 1/4" drill bit into contact. Alternatively you can start with a smaller drill bit and work up through the sizes until you get to 1/4", but either way use caution.

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