This technique I am going to be using is refereed to as stacking. It is really great because you can create interesting shapes that look much more complex than they actually are with just a stack of material. The general basis is to have a shape, and then to alter that shape with each new layer. You can use any flat sheet of material, be it paper, plastics, MDF, or metal. I chose to use some scrap wood. When you are using more hefty materials (not paper) it is best to have access to some shop tools. Luckily, here at TechShop in San Jose, I have access to everything i need.

For this instructable, I used:

A wood band saw
Some wood files
and clamps
oh, and some sand paper

Step 1: Draw Your Design

Mine is a hydraulic arm looking thing...don't judge...
Is that going to be part of a model R2 unit? <br> <br><sub><sub>(You should put your &quot;finished&quot; image as your introduction image.)</sub></sub>
it is now!

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