Step 3: Coffee grinds

Picture of Coffee grinds
Next put the filter (funnel looking thing) in place like you may see from the pictures. Then you'll just have to put there your coffee grinds. For full pot put it full of coffee grinds and little bit over (the pictures will be good again). When I make two cups, I usually put about two very heeping teaspoons of coffee grinds or something like that. You'll get it right with couple of tries. And the amount may vary on the coffee brand you're using - some might taste better with little less or more grinds.

They say that you shouldn't tamp the grinds at all, but I like to just smooth the surface with very little pressure. Be sure that the coffee grinds are only in the "funnel" part, not on the threads. Do not tamp like you'd do with the other kind of espresso makers.

What do you call those..?