Picture of Make fake blood
As the name states make fake blood for school plays, halloween, or freaking people out.

Step 1: Get

Picture of Get

1/2 cup of creamy peanut butter

1 pint of inexpencive white corn syrup

1/2 cup of pink/yellow/pale orange dishwashing soap

.25 oz small bottle of red food coloring

5 drops of blue food coloring

1 clean quart/jar/bottle
sniper shot5 years ago
is it edible
andrewdpham3 (author)  sniper shot5 years ago
I wouldent try. 
Does it wash out of clothing?
unknown246 years ago
when you put it in your hand, does it really look like a real blood? because the one i bought is ugly. when i put it on my hand it becomes pink.
andrewdpham3 (author)  unknown246 years ago
i suggest you try and see for yourself; it is very inexpencive but i dont think it will be pink unless you put too little food coloring
unknown246 years ago
I love it! i really love to prank people! thankS!!!