Make Flying (levitate )CD / DVD





Introduction: Make Flying (levitate )CD / DVD

I will show you how to make a levitated cd o r dvd .Very easy.

Step 1: Get a Cd or Dvd

get cd

Step 2: Make Circle Clear Plastic

this plastic hold on your invisible string

Step 3: Glue on the Center of Cd

glue carefuly the plastic on cd no much glue

Step 4: Make Atiny Hole on the Center of the Plastic

make very tiny hole just enough to pass the string

Step 5: Pass the String About 1 Inch and Glued

make sure you are in the good center of gravity

Step 6: How Make the String

the string its made with a used car seat belt.first take the firat thread and finnaly take the smalest string of the bunch. take about 36 inch.very tought string and clearly invisible

Step 7: Its Done

you can make fun with this magical cd



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    coolest trick ever thanks dude

    I also have one question, did you invent this?

    He didn't there are to many card tricks identicle to this one for him to invent it. Sorry Loup226 would you get the string from the seat belt? rip it? cut it? tell it to give you a 36 inch bundle of thread? anyway that was a good trick

    Your really coll dude!!!!!

    Where do you get the clear plastic circle thingy?

    probably a Ziploc bag or the plasic stuff over some products

    hey that is so cool good thinking :)

    dude that was a good one!!!!!simple and decisive