Introduction: Make Flying (levitate )CD / DVD

Picture of Make Flying (levitate )CD / DVD

I will show you how to make a levitated cd o r dvd .Very easy.

Step 1: Get a Cd or Dvd

Picture of Get a Cd or Dvd

get cd

Step 2: Make Circle Clear Plastic

Picture of Make Circle Clear Plastic

this plastic hold on your invisible string

Step 3: Glue on the Center of Cd

Picture of Glue on the Center of Cd

glue carefuly the plastic on cd no much glue

Step 4: Make Atiny Hole on the Center of the Plastic

Picture of Make Atiny Hole on the Center of the Plastic

make very tiny hole just enough to pass the string

Step 5: Pass the String About 1 Inch and Glued

Picture of Pass the String About 1 Inch and Glued

make sure you are in the good center of gravity

Step 6: How Make the String

Picture of How Make the String

the string its made with a used car seat belt.first take the firat thread and finnaly take the smalest string of the bunch. take about 36 inch.very tought string and clearly invisible

Step 7: Its Done

Picture of Its Done

you can make fun with this magical cd


jrenomeron (author)2011-06-11

coolest trick ever thanks dude

theosullis (author)2008-03-18

I also have one question, did you invent this?

fearpink (author)theosullis2011-04-21

He didn't there are to many card tricks identicle to this one for him to invent it. Sorry Loup226

loup226 (author)theosullis2008-03-18


timjelly (author)loup2262009-05-02 would you get the string from the seat belt? rip it? cut it? tell it to give you a 36 inch bundle of thread? anyway that was a good trick

james2947 (author)2010-08-18

Your really coll dude!!!!!

Batryn (author)2009-02-08

Where do you get the clear plastic circle thingy?

yobwoc (author)Batryn2009-08-10

probably a Ziploc bag or the plasic stuff over some products

snaps3000 (author)2009-01-07

hey that is so cool good thinking :)

samurai116 (author)2008-05-02

dude that was a good one!!!!!simple and decisive

rerat (author)2007-08-21

Very nice. I love it. What kind of glue do you use? If I was to shop for this "invisible string" What brand/product name should I look for? Is this an original idea?

Kiteman (author)rerat2007-08-23

Our local knitting/sewing shop sells "invisible thread" - it's very fine, monofilament nylon, sort of thin, weak fishing line. It is very hard to see, but an absolute bugger to knot.

Vater Araignee (author)Kiteman2007-09-22

As a working magician allow me to tell you that it is crap. Clear nylon is highly refractive and very visible even in a dimly lit club. Even the smoked version is junk, if you want to make IT then you need to find a matte black mono filament.

Kiteman (author)Vater Araignee2007-09-22

I think you mean reflective. It is also highly transparent, so it does not show up against clothing when you sew with it, hence the name "invisible". If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that I said it came from a knitting/sewing shop, not a magicians' supplier.

Plus, can we watch the language, please? Minors read this site.

Its a family site........not kindergarten. Crap is a perfectly acceptable word to use.

Vater Araignee (author)Kiteman2007-09-22

No re·frac·tion deflection from a straight path undergone by a light ray or energy wave in passing obliquely from one medium (as air) into another (as glass) in which its velocity is different If you where paying attention, this is about appearing to levitate with no apparent means "not" sewing. Oh, what exactly did I type that would be considered age inappropriate for somebody old enough to understand most of the information (or even 2%) on this site?

Kiteman (author)Vater Araignee2007-09-22

This is the trouble with modern life - people don't even realise when they swear.

Kiteman (author)Vater Araignee2007-09-22

You forgot the synonyms: Utter obscenities or profanities.

Do you attempt to cover your own ignorance by attempting pedantry very often?

neubaten (author)Kiteman2007-11-23

well hey dude you said "bugger" and as far as offensive goes to sodomise someone has to be on about the same level as "crap"

Kiteman (author)neubaten2007-11-24

Point to you, using international English.

I sometimes forget that inoffensive idioms of my birth vernacular are more offensive when used elsewhere.

It's like holding doors open. In Cumberland, holding a door open for a woman is good manners. In Manchester it is sexist. In London it's a good way of getting stuck in the door as the next forty people try and push through the same open door.

neubaten (author)Kiteman2007-11-26

I feel your pain..... 0_o context is everything its a postmodern world we live in

Vater Araignee (author)Kiteman2007-09-22

Oh? Do explain exactly what profanity I used and how it is defined as a such. And yes I know I neglected to proof my last post and unfortunately the ability to edit is not given. Of course I have read other posts by you so technically the plural usage would apply, though it was not intended. Obviously when you made the failed attempt at correcting me and included your quip you where attempting to bait me into something other than the intended spirit of the instructable. I sunk and got hooked so reel me in and finish it. If you can.

Kiteman (author)Vater Araignee2007-09-22

Here's a hint - references to faecal matter are normally acceptable in polite circles.

As for fishing, that's not something I generally do. If you're searching for a fish-related analogy, though, I think the words shooting and barrel would have been more accurately employed.

Oh, and if you're interested in a little irony, check the tenth definition. Yes, I know it's a boolean artefact, but it still raises a smile in the context...

Vater Araignee (author)Kiteman2007-09-22

Crap as it pertains to being a noun definition 2 sometimes vulgar : NONSENSE, RUBBISH; also : STUFF 4b So I guess I was not referring to feces. And I do get a smile using that word in that particular context, obfuscation is part of the job after all. ;-)

damasta (author)Vater Araignee2007-10-19

in britain or the US of A they sell "wooly nylon", buy that, and strip it (take one thin piece of string out) should work as good as professional magicians invisible thread (usually it's even the same thing)

Vater Araignee (author)damasta2007-10-19

It is all I've ever used.

Ramnosity (author)rerat2007-08-24

no I've had invisible string before. You can buy it at most magic stores

garrettmikesmith (author)rerat2007-08-21

wooly nylon

theosullis (author)2008-03-18

I have the levatation library e book with like 30 ways to levitate if you wanna trade just ask, i would like the art of levitation e book but anything else will do.

Toaster264 (author)2008-01-01

if you were wearing a watch you could make the piece of tape smaller and wrap it through your watch a few times, and put the tape under it.

libertyshouts (author)2007-12-20

Nice, I've been learning some really cool card magic and other tricks for free over at

beckinacea (author)2007-08-25

You can also use old pantyhose. I use it in a pinch when I have no invisible thread. Also, an easier way to do this impromptu with any CD is to use magician's wax and attach it to the CD. Remember to wrap the thread around the wax several times so it doesn't come off.

joejoerowley (author)2007-08-22

This pretty cool. I like it.

loup226 (author)2007-08-21

some e 5 minute epoxy. Spider string is the best but nylon like in thuis video its perfect too.

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