How to Make Friendship Bracelets (Using a Braiding Disc)





Introduction: How to Make Friendship Bracelets (Using a Braiding Disc)

Here's how to make braided cord for friendship bracelets and other uses - making use of a cardbaord braiding disc.



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    I really enjoyed the kumihimo bracelet making clips. It looks so easy but looks very difficult - thank you.

    Does anyone know where to get a braiding disc just like this?

    You can buy them at magic cabin in kits for $10 to $15 but can be made there are patterns at

    You can buy very nice ones made of foam-core at --look under the heading "kumihimo". In fact, for around $13.00, you can buy a clever little kit which includes the aforementioned disk, some small cord bobbins, and instructions. For a wee bit more, you can get a larger kit with the same, plus various colors of braiding cord. And for a LOT more, you can buy a full-sized wooden maru-dai (the grand mother of the foam disks), but the foam ones are a great way to find out whether kumihimo is your cup of tea, without going broke.

    Did it pass your mind to do one at home????????

    you can make one easily enough using a paper plate (I suggest a strong one not flimsy but either will do) take anything round and trace a circle on it. Cut 4 slits (just a little way in) ie: North, South, East, West, then cut another one in between those. That's it. If you want a sturdier one they do sell them online. Google Kumihimo Braiding Disc and I'm sure you will find them.

    I would assume you could do the same thing with 5 strings, just make a card with 6 slots? Also, would the counting change?

    No, it needs to be a multiple of eight for this type of braiding.

    yay for the hand... obtw great ible