Here's how to make braided cord for friendship bracelets and other uses - making use of a cardbaord braiding disc.
<p>I really enjoyed the kumihimo bracelet making clips. It looks so easy but looks very difficult - thank you.</p>
Does anyone know where to get a braiding disc just like this?
just make one man!
You can buy them at magic cabin in kits for $10 to $15 but can be made there are patterns at ask.com
You can buy very nice ones made of foam-core at Amazon.co --look under the heading &quot;kumihimo&quot;. In fact, for around $13.00, you can buy a clever little kit which includes the aforementioned disk, some small cord bobbins, and instructions. For a wee bit more, you can get a larger kit with the same, plus various colors of braiding cord. And for a LOT more, you can buy a full-sized wooden maru-dai (the grand mother of the foam disks), but the foam ones are a great way to find out whether kumihimo is your cup of tea, without going broke.
Did it pass your mind to do one at home????????
you can make one easily enough using a paper plate (I suggest a strong one not flimsy but either will do) take anything round and trace a circle on it. Cut 4 slits (just a little way in) ie: North, South, East, West, then cut another one in between those. That's it. If you want a sturdier one they do sell them online. Google Kumihimo Braiding Disc and I'm sure you will find them.
I would assume you could do the same thing with 5 strings, just make a card with 6 slots? Also, would the counting change?
No, it needs to be a multiple of eight for this type of braiding.
yay for the hand... obtw great ible
Thank you...Hand!
yay :) thank you so much that was very easy to do and looked good
i really enjoyed the instructions for this project. it was simple but straight forward. I look forward to trying this project myself.
very nicely done video<br /> and I love the ending... 'may I&nbsp;have a hand please' *hand appears*<br /> ... *skitters off to go make bracelets*<br /> <br />
That was Great!! Very easy to understand too! Thank-you!!!
Done! That was really well explained, i just did my first bracelet using the braiding disc this afternoon. Thanks a lot!
Wow. thats cool :) good Idea, im going to do it right now. I think thats how they make rope. haha XP Good Idea :)
Thanks so much! This was sooo easy to follow! Had fun making them! I might use this with my 4-H group. Easy project for everyone.
how do i see the video? everytime i pull this page up its just a blank screen!! please help!!
Wonderful instructable...thanks <sup></sup><br/>
i was just wondering how long the strings need to be.
The length of the strings would depend on the finished length you want it to be, I suppose. If you want a bracelet, make the strings shorter, make them longer for a necklace, etc. I think if you took the desired finished length and added a few inches for "safety, loss and tying off" you'd be on the right track.
<strong>this one is awesome I tried it in different strings i found it really easy i didn't finde the braiding disc so i made one by my self =]</strong><br/>
Spectacular, thanks, my son will love this
I made one using "plastic bag yarn": You can find it on another instaructable. It turned out good, and now I can giver my friend something!
I make that yarn too, and have just finished a bracelet using it when I read your comment.....creepy
Oh, wow! I'd never heard of plastic bag yarn before, but what a great idea. - thanks for introducing me to this - Now I have a million ideas hatching in my head...
I will be teaching this technique to a bunch of kids at our summer camp this year. It is a really neat instructable and has motivated me to start learning this kumihimo art. Thanks a lot !!
Awesome job man! I totally understood everything you were saying and i made one myself <sup></sup><br/>thanks so much for teaching us :D<br/>
What a great job of explaining how to make a simple friendship bracelet! I viewed some pretty confusing demonstrations that made my head spin. This one was clear, quick, and has you up and running before you know it. I hope to see some more elaborate braiding in the future. Fantastic! Thanks!!
Sorry, Mangetout, I missed your video before I posted <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_weave_medieval_cords_for_trimming_bracelet/">my braiding ible</a> - I've added a link back here from there.<br/>
Very cool, I'm working on it right now :)
Can you do this with more than 8 strings?
Yes. I'm working on another design that uses lots more threads and can make a range of different styles of braids...
I tried with 15 strings and 16 slits on the disc... utter failure.
You may have to jump more threads that just 2 to make it work. PS: excellent craft! thanks for sharing it!
Nope, I tried that. Nothing worked.
Sorry to hear that - with more strings, I've only ever used different techniques and patterns (I will try to document them soon, I promise).
I made one for my boyfriend following your tutorial. I just changed the end parts and used a barrel clasp to join the ends. This is the one I made. :) Thank you very much for the instructions! :)
I made this tonight from variegated yarn while listening to the political convention of my choice. (I won't say which because it says just below that there is a "be nice" comment policy and I don't want to start a firestorm.) Thanks again.
Very clear. Incredibly easy. I am surprised I hadn't even heard of it before. Five stars for a project any little kid can do. I have some plastic I was going to recycle. I am going to fish it out and cut out a disk. Friendship bracelets to match every outfit! (Where is my yarn?!)
This is a great craft idea for the classroom! Thanks!
i made one! easy.
Yay! Cool. Well done. I'll be making another instructable soon on a more versatile (although a bit more complex) method of braiding - watch this space!
That was very cool and a nice, clear instructable. Good Job.
Oooooh. Cool Video, looks kind of hard.
Thanks - It's actually surprisingly easy - far easier just to do than it is to watch, or describe.
that is one of the best/clearest examples/instructions of how to braid with a disc. Man the Japanese Kumihimo just seemed too complicated. this has me real excited to try it with my belfast cord.

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