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Step 4: Seal gaps and openings

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Adding weather stripping o windows and doors is one of the least expensive and yet effective measures that can be taken to improve energy efficiency.

Sealing openings in the floor, crawlspace or basement wall, and other areas will also help. A bit of fiberglass insulation works well for very large openings. Expanding foam works for small holes. Caulk for even smaller rifts. And finally tape can be used to make sure air isn't transferring.
i.am.flink6 years ago
When sealing pipe/electrical chases, you may be required by fire/electrical codes to use fire barrier material. Dap and Great Stuff both have fire barrier foam. Both are an orange foam, for easy ID after installation. When sealing a chimney chase, use steel flashing to bridge the gap between framing and the chimney, and close the final gap between chimney and flashing with high-temp silicone sealant (not a latex/silicone combo).
zieak (author)  i.am.flink6 years ago
Great bit of information - thank you.