jagnat40004 years ago
Wow... when I was in India, I did something similar to this using coconut leaves instead... same principle, but constructed a little differently.
You can also use dandy lion stems although they do make a different sound.
Anton1995 (author)  coolpizzadude6 years ago
What is dandy lion stems
dandilion. He spelled it wrong
Anton1995 (author)  Bright Shadow6 years ago
Browncoat6 years ago
It'd be cool if there was a link to an MP3 (or whatever) of what this sounds like. If I'm ever stranded in a forest, on a mountain, etc, I hope I remember this idea! :)
Anton1995 (author) 6 years ago
Yes it is
Kiteman6 years ago
Is this a horn like Shoemaker's straw?
from a *blade *of grass! lol and lol cool