How to make cool horn from a big grass.

You will need a huge grass that you can find in forest,on some villages or field.

Step 1: First Step

Find that big grass than pull it out.

Step 2: Cut

Now you need to cut it.
Cut it on that part there is a bump

Step 3: The Final Step

Flatten end of straw,than try it.

Step 4: Finished Horn

Picture of a finished horn.
Wow... when I was in India, I did something similar to this using coconut leaves instead... same principle, but constructed a little differently.
You can also use dandy lion stems although they do make a different sound.
What is dandy lion stems
dandilion. He spelled it wrong
It'd be cool if there was a link to an MP3 (or whatever) of what this sounds like. If I'm ever stranded in a forest, on a mountain, etc, I hope I remember this idea! :)
Yes it is
Is this a horn like <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Horn-From-a-Drinking-Straw/">Shoemaker's straw?</a><br/>
from a *blade *of grass! lol and lol cool

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