Picture of Make horn from a grass
Picture 001.jpg
How to make cool horn from a big grass.

You will need a huge grass that you can find in forest,on some villages or field.
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Step 1: First step

Picture of First step
Picture 003.jpg
Find that big grass than pull it out.

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Picture 006.jpg
Now you need to cut it.
Cut it on that part there is a bump

Step 3: The final step

Picture of The final step
Flatten end of straw,than try it.

Step 4: Finished horn

Picture of Finished horn
Picture 008.jpg
Picture of a finished horn.
jagnat40004 years ago
Wow... when I was in India, I did something similar to this using coconut leaves instead... same principle, but constructed a little differently.
You can also use dandy lion stems although they do make a different sound.
Anton1995 (author)  coolpizzadude7 years ago
What is dandy lion stems
dandilion. He spelled it wrong
Anton1995 (author)  Bright Shadow6 years ago
Browncoat7 years ago
It'd be cool if there was a link to an MP3 (or whatever) of what this sounds like. If I'm ever stranded in a forest, on a mountain, etc, I hope I remember this idea! :)
Anton1995 (author) 7 years ago
Yes it is
Kiteman7 years ago
Is this a horn like Shoemaker's straw?
from a *blade *of grass! lol and lol cool