Make ITunes Sound Really Good


Introduction: Make ITunes Sound Really Good

Configure your iTunes equalizer to make your music sound really good. Enjoy your music even more!

Note: Results vary depending on your speaker setup and the music you listen to.

Step 1: Opening the Equalizer

Open up iTunes, and from there, in the menu bar, go to view>show equalizer. (Under the Window menu in newer versions of iTunes).

The equalizer window should pop up.

Step 2: Input the Settings

Move the bars around so that they read, in order: +3, +6, +9, +7, +6, +5, +7, +9, +11, +8

Your equalizer should match this picture.

Step 3: Saving Your Settings

Save this setting by clicking on the drop-down menu that says 'Manual' and then clicking 'Make Preset...' at the top of the menu.

A new window called Make Preset should pop up. Enter the name you want for this preset and click ok.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Try it out. Remember you can always reset it by going into the equalizer window and setting the preset to 'flat'.



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    i tweaked this a il, but yeah great eq... works well across genres... had to adjust bass settings for some recordings though :) nice work man


    sorry i meant to say i moved the slider labeled 250 all the way to the top. :)

    to make it really bass i set all of the sliders to the middle line except for the fourth one over labeled 250. It worked really well:)

    Cool it does sound better!

     awesome dude. sound fantastic

    Thanks it worked great! at first I didn't realize it, but it didn't take long.

    Extremely clear on a large variety of songs. iTunes Equalizer mods FTW. -PKT

    Good Job! It worked. Forget expensive equalizers! Only needs more bass.

    Thanks! Never noticed this. I updated the instructable.


    Interesting- I think of this as an unusual EQ setting because most of my music is breakbeat, funk, electronica, rock and other bass-heavy stuff. This shape I associate with jazz and acoustic or vocal-heavy music. For most of the genres above, on middle-of-the-road speakers or headphones I use a shape I call The Wave- it's roughly +3, +2, +1, 0, -1, 0, +1, +1, 0, -1 and it works nicely with rock/metal (if you have speakers capable of reproducing that much bass). For the record, what genres are you listening to with this EQ, and what sort of speakers/headphones are you using?

    1 reply

    I mostly listen to classic rock, but I also listen to folk music, funk, techno, electronic, and rap on the standard iMac speakers (not too great).

    Also depends widely on your receiver and speaker arrangement.

    makes techno and rap sound good!! but its not so good for metal/hardrock, or at least when you got it on max volume. i give it a 4 star rating

    Nice but you need nice speakers for it to have a good effect

    Nice. I think it's cool because it's quick.

    This is awesome it amps you music louder and gives it a unique sound I love it... and Lam_lam_guy, that another cool ppreset that works great.:D

    1 reply

    if you want to amp your music... simply raise the preamp bar. that said, Equalization really is not a universal thing that you can just set everything you own to "the ultimate," as there is no "ultimate." Generally on standard cheap speakers, loud lows and highs with quieter mids gives you a pretty crisp sound. But this is subject to the music, specific speakers you are using, and somewhat personal preference.

    in terms of use of an eq, you should be adding and subtracting from the 0, not using the eq to affect the overall volume. that said, artists (and their producers) spend thousands of dollars paying very skilled artists and engineers to get their music to sound how they intend for you to listen to it as. if you want music to sound better, get better head phones, or speakers, and use the eq to tune to them to a flat response, and then tweak it to your preference. from the looks of your eq you're listening on speakers or ear buds with no low end capabilities, you're pretty young, and listening with the volume high enough you're getting distortion.