video Make *.ico file in 30 seconds
Here's how to make an *.ico file in 30 seconds. No software to download...you need just a small picture. You can use *.gif, *.png and *.jpeg. Use this site: http://converticon.com/ to convert your picture to an *.ico file. If you want to change the icon on a folder (like I did on the video) I recommend you to check 32 x 32 in the export options and if you want to use it on your site (favicon) choose 16 x 16. Well I hope you like my 30 seconds tutorial! I made it for Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest!

EDIT: Sometimes there's a problem with the site and it can't save your icon. You can also use this site:  http://iconverticons.com/ . It's very easy to use it. Good luck!
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maximusx29 days ago
LoganS21 month ago
LoganS2 LoganS21 month ago

Awesome bro!

ChrisA141 month ago
kumkumS2 months ago
JerryP52 months ago
AdeelK made it!3 months ago

I made this.

AdeelK3 months ago
Pupun.LFS3 months ago
amarsingh084 months ago
agis685 months ago

Thanks !!! I used imagezicon converter (freeware) but this is much simpler and quicker

bdginge5262 years ago
Even though this is a nice way to convert an image to .ico, that site only allows .png to be converted to .ico and when you convert a high quality image; the quality of the newly converted .ico is downgraded and becomes very poor quality.

Thank you for posting this, but do you know of a way to make a .ico file from scratch?
KeeneL bdginge5266 months ago

oh, and to make from scratch, make a picture using a paint software or something, then upload

KeeneL bdginge5266 months ago

the picture is made extremely small, also, i used jpeg and i was fine


YãŝįřÃ8 months ago
YãŝįřÃ8 months ago


JaysonH1 made it!11 months ago

My icon file I made!

MiloR made it!11 months ago

I converted the file, but I don't know hot to make a .dll file. Please help!

slu6alka (author)  MiloR11 months ago

Why do you want to make a .dll file??

roxanakawas11 months ago

Thank you!!!

thank you!
neid11 year ago
Thank u :)
vipulbhatia3 years ago
Use IRFANVIEW. Its a free program that is a wonderful viewer and does all the conversions that you could ever want.
A. Victory3 years ago
Easy to use. Great to find:)
crimsonkng3 years ago
Just a quick "thank you so much!" A totally fab tool!
iconoguy3 years ago
i love you!
Perfect! Thanks :)
happy dance.gif
aminero3 years ago
sweet, thanks
melizabeth24 years ago
Oh I just found this and I LOVE IT! ... but it only allows 64x64px?
h'hamdan'4 years ago
Nice Info
KathleenFL4 years ago
SPECTACULAR!!! That was SO helpful. It only took a few seconds, just like you said. Thank you! Kathleen - Florida USA
slu6alka (author)  KathleenFL4 years ago
Glad you like it :)
W6LSN4 years ago
Thanks! Would be even better if it could fix MY stupid mistake of not providing a square input file.
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