We have had tremendous success displaying these "Glowing" devices. This instructable is meant to inspire the maker community by showing easy/cheap ways to create visual effects & even useful appliances (alarm clock, countdown timer) /games (Beat the Clock). More on this later!

Two of these are readily available kits, one of them was used in a popular TV series just last month, while the third example is a home made spin using an off the shelf Arduino UNO. a 20x4 Parallel LCD & a few LEDs. We also added a Real Time Clock for good measure.

Step 1: The Bomb Prop

This is a full featured Alarm clock that comes as a kit.
Designed by Nootropic Design (http://nootropicdesign.com/defusableclock/) , this excellent Arduino compatible Defusable Clock looks so much like a Hollywood Bomb, that it was featured last month in an episode of CW' The Tomorrow People. You can order your kit straight from Nootropic Design like I did or get it from the Maker Shed as they are now carrying it also.

At $33, it's not that expensive as the Arduino is built-in. The kit includes all electronics, but only electronics. I made 2 Dynamite looking sticks by soldering then wrapping 3 C Batteries in each laser printed grocery bag and made the other 5 Dynamite sticks by cutting my wife's broom in sections that were the same total length as the 3 batteries combined.

I cut grocery paper bags in 8 x10 sections & fed them to the laser printer to print "Dynanite" in red for additional effect.

<p>WOW, impressive clock!!</p>
<p>WOW, impressive clock!!</p>
<p>Don't accidentally leave this in a subway :\</p>
<p>Excellent Work! I was in the middle of making one of these for a party game when I found your article. The design on this is simply fantastic.</p><p>If you don't mind, let me mention what my game design is supposed to do also. Perhaps it might be of worth to someone: The game design I'm making will have two gaming modes for now: 1. beat the clock scenario via keypad 2. User-Config Wire Sequence </p><p>Game type 1 is fairly obvious, I am using a keypad where you punch in a number to defuse it. You get a certain amount of guesses per game based on a chosen level of difficulty. The LCD screen will report whether or not you need to go higher or lower all the while, the 7-seg counts down like yours does.</p><p>I'm not finished programming yet, but game type #2 is very similar to your setup. This mode can be used when there are 2 players. The trickster &quot;sets&quot; the bomb by choosing game mode 2 and the arduino monitors the insertion or removal of 5 colored wires which are internally mapped to 5 I/O pins. As these are inserted or removed it's status is reported on an I2C LCD for verification. Once all of the wires have been used, the sequence is reported as learned, the screen is cleared and the trickster can then hand the fake bomb off to the party guest. He/she then presses a giant red &quot;go&quot; button to start the timer and begin the game. In summary, to win, they have to pull the wires in the proper order.</p><p>Anyhow, your project documentation and photos gave me some awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing--this is really neat.</p>
M.Hawse, any progress on your project?<br>We would love to see pictures and have an update...<br>
<p>Yep, I did make some nice headway on mine but just before I could wrap it up I got sidetracked with some other things we had going on. I'll do my best to wrap it up and get my photos posted in the next few weeks. Thanks for the reminder!</p>
<p>hi! where can I get the red plastic switch with the protective red cover? I love it! </p>
We have found the red plastic switch with the protective red cover at RadioShack and at Advance Auto Parts. I suspect most car self repair stores like Autozone should also have it.<br>
I have a feeling shipping these to a great aunt overseas for Christmas may have you arrested :P <br>Very authentic look, awesome Instructable :D

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