I will reveal you secret of making itching powder, it is used to make person itch when you put it under clothes on skin. So if you make this make sure you record it and publish... :D So guys start making this and let the fun begin...

And sorry for lousy pictures, they are taken with my phone...

Step 1: Find Many Maple Seeds !!!

Find bunch of maple seeds, when you have many of them, make sure they are clean. If they are wet you must dry them wery well.

Step 2: Cut the Hard Part Away

You must cut away the hard part of the seed, so cut with knife.
We need feather-like rest of it.

Step 3: Save the 'feathers'

Then this should look like these, we save the soft parts for later.

Step 4: Crush,stir,slice,mix

Then This parts must be cruseh to get nice small slivery hairs. If you look from distance it looks like powder. I used two methods: 1.I put them in mixer to cut them in small slivery hairs
2.I put them in plastic pot and crush with pen.

Each process is good but make sure they are sliced or crushed to slivery hairs, that makes best effect.

Step 5: You've Made Nice Itching Powder!

I know the graphic isn't good but anyway that's the final product.
<p>i can't find any maple leaves is there a substitute?!</p>
<p>im using this for revenge is there any way that i can apply this to someones clothes while they are wearing it them??</p>
Also can we crush them with our hands????
Does it actually work????<br>
Where do maple trees grow? I am in California. Is there any here?
<p>Same! Where do you find them?</p>
Also, is there any alternative?
Crush some Sodium carbonate crystals into a fine powder.
it sounds familiar, but what is it?
no seriously I wanted an actual answer.
sodium carbonate is alternative of maple seed or what??
I want to know what it is.
There's this brand-new thing called the 'Internet', it's great, you can look up virtually anything! On this internet is a thing called Google, which can search the Whole internet, and a thing called Wikipedia which has information of virtually everything! Even Sodium Carbonate!<br /> <br /> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_carbonate" rel="nofollow">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_carbonate</a><br /> <br /> Seriously. Use your head. Figure it out.<br />
Incase you don't know how to open links, Sodium Carbonate is, as Wikipedia says:<br /> <br /> <b>Sodium carbonate</b> (also known as <b>washing soda</b>, <b>soda crystals</b> or <b>soda ash</b>), Na<sub>2</sub>CO<sub>3</sub>, is a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It most commonly occurs as a crystalline heptahydrate, which readily effloresces to form a white powder, the monohydrate; and is domestically well known for its everyday use as a water softener.<br /> <br /> <br />
<p>can u tell me where can i buy this from like spacfic store i live in nyc </p>
Do you what else Itches that Lie stuff they put around horsetracks OMG IT BURNS Just go take some of that with gloves and it will stick to there clothes Anyways LAST DAY OF SCHOOL tomorrow and I have a maple tree in my front yard,thanks for the Idea
Lye, or &quot;caustic soda&quot; causes chemical burns. Do NOT use that on people or animals!
The maple leaves work as a mechanical irritant, the tiny &quot;hairs&quot; are basically wood slivers. The rosehips method is a chemical irritant that chemically irritates the skim (similar to chemical burns and poison ivy, jellyfish stings, etc).<br><br>For those who were making fun of &quot;SirRon's Toy&quot;, she is in the BDSM lifestyle and this is the sort of thing that....excites some people. Your mileage may very.<br><br>Using itching powder is not against the law in and of itself. (cannot find a single hit on Google referencing it) You can be charged with criminal intent if it can be proven that you were intending to cause harm to someone (over dosing, using a substance they are known to be allergic to). Making someone itch is not intending harm, just like marking someone's face with a sharpie when they passout drunk. If either person has an unintentional allergic reaction, that was not the jokester's intent, so it is not considered malicious.
you can also make it from a dead red rose and boiling water. <br> <br>let the rose die, a small green fruitlike thing will form inside <br>use scisorrs and a toothpick and scoop into a small paper cup. <br>sit next to a cup of boiling water for five or 15 mins. or until fluffy. <br>DO NOT TOUCH WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. <br>sit cup of fluffy stuff in a sunny area. <br>let it turn to a powder and sprinkle on something or someone. <br>Make sure this doesnt get into eyes,mouth, or internaly <br>have fun!!!!!!
imade my own itching just for a losy no good cheating man....i caught him at another females house so i wanted to do something evil to him his car was park under a tree so it was easy not to be seen and he cant lock his doors i took it upon myself to take the powder and spread it all through his car paying extra attention to steering wheel cuz when he starts itching he'll want to scratch so that spread it even more....LOL&nbsp; i waited till later that night at his football practice to watch him....omg he couldnt do anything but set around and scratch i was&nbsp;in the stands laughing my&nbsp;butt off.&nbsp;&nbsp;
thats dirty as hell but extreamley funny
I wonder if my ex would like for me to &quot;spice up&quot; his stuff before returning it?? I mean in honor of the miraculous recovery his deceased wife made from that aneurysm that killed her 3 years ago...she's doing very well, considering she's been &quot;dead&quot; for 3 years. you think he squirmed when I found out about her and a whole other wife he never even mentioned????wonder how much he'd squirm now. <br /> I would never intentionally hurt another&nbsp; person, I'm just working it out in my fantasy.
Are you <em>SURE</em> this works;)<br/>
<em>Nice</em> itching powder??<br/>
i think in the itching powder you can get at a prank store uses rose hips so mabey adding those to this could make it 2x stronger lol
this looks so cool I am definitely going to try this.
this is fun to put in airsoft grenades that I have found on here simply throw and wait super evil fun
sweet!!!!!!and I agree with gonser this thing is really cool
1:where can i get them in aus?! 2:where i live you cant buy itching powder so we crush up this stuff called gypsum look it up on google its the clear 1 not the red 1
1: is Aus Australia or austria 2: where would i find gypsum? 3: DOES ANY1 KNOW OF SOME SORT OF COMMON PLANTS IN AUSTRALIA THAT CAN BE USED AS ITCHING POWDER
how many?
just saying the words itching powder make my skin itch but it makes me wonder who invented it
cool good 4 a school prank! ty
sweet but that powder looks like marujuana
yess little brothers will pay!!! xD
Sweet. Little brothers of the world, look out.
This is awesome! I always wanted some itching powder but couldn't bring myself to pay for it.
is it true that that explotes please reply i dont think is uncool
It doesnt explode, just smould slowly with smoke. It is like powdered wood...
I remember hearing that real itching powder was powdered rattlesnake venom. Don't know how true that is, but My sister got dosed with some kind of itching powder in school, she had to go home and change it got so bad.
i have also heard you can soak hair in bleach and you will get the same result...
yeah, I was going to make one too, but i guess you beat me. Since you made this, I will add on. When you think about it, the "feathers" are basically leaves. If you don't have those things near you, then you can use leaves instead. When I first read this, those weren't dead and dried out yet, so i put them in an airtight container in a dark dry place.
i was just bout to make an instructble of this but ya beat me to it
i have one queston pleas esend me a private message how do you give yourself a picture instead of a gray head as your avatar?
Itching powder sold in joke shops and by mail order in comic books was originally made from the hairs from the bodies of Tarantulas. <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarantula">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarantula</a><br/><br/>There is mounting evidence that fiberglass can cause similar health problems to asbestos. I would not be mucking around with it.<br/>
Cool, i remember when i was younger i used to play in leafs with my friends in the fall and i remember i used to come out ichy! SO you could get thos mapel thingies or you could get some dry brown leafs and put them in a mini coffee grinder or blender. (you would make a Sh1# load of this stuff) you could keep it in a altoids container and then pull some out and blow it on your friend and hell go lahh!! 'ichy' >:-D
Also the fruits of the rose contain itchy-hairs. One might face litigation if using e.g. poison ivy, glass fibres... be careful eh.
Cool I always wanted to get itching pouder now I can make it he he >:)

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