Make Jewelry Sets With Capacitors





Introduction: Make Jewelry Sets With Capacitors

I found some capacitors and their purple color made ​​me think of an alternative way to use them... I used them as if they were gemstones to create a set of jewels!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For the realization of the jewels you need:
- capacitor (pretty colored)
- Round-nose pliers
- Flat-nose pliers
- Side cutters
- Earring findings
- clasp
- chain for jewelry (ad hoc for your wrist)
- beads
- electric wire
- little tube (same diameter of the capacitors)

Step 2: How to Prepare the Capacitors

First of all, you need to peel the electric wire, then you should roll up the wire around the little tube.

Then you have to remove the wire from the tube and you have to insert the capacitor into the wire spiral (cut the wire in excess).

On one side, you be able to thread the bead to block the spiral, on the other side, you need to solder the wire to the base of the capacitor.

Finally you can bend the rheophore near the bead in order to make a eye pin.

You need to prepare at least seven capacitors in the same way.

Step 3: Earrings and Bracelet

At the end, in order to prepare the earrings you can attach the earring findings and to create the bracelet you need to insert the eye pins and the clasp in the chain.

Now the jewels are done and you just have to wear them!

If you would like see the Italian version visit this link



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    I would not use electrolytic capacitors - they can leak out a not so nice fluid... Use dry tantalum capacitors, resistors, diodes or other electronic components instead...

    It's electro-cute I would say ;-)

    I tried it & it's really awesome!Brofist to you!

    Nice, what a clever idea.

    I totally love this Idea. Very cool. Thank you for sharing.


    Muchas gracias por la idea.Yo tengo muchas motherboard descompuestas.