Step 2: Ingredients and materials

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You will need a small, heat resistant container, such as a stainless steel measuring cup. Use the smallest one you have.

The following quantity will fit easily into most lip balm tins, but you will have a little left over if you are using a tube, which usually holds only 0.15oz. For the triple lipstick mold, double the recipe.

I have tested a variety of different ingredients, and although the end product varies in "feel" you have a lot of flexibility in your choices.

Here is the basic recipe:

1/2 crayon of your favorite color (approx 2.4g)
1/2 tsp jojoba oil (approx 2 g)
1 almond-sized chunk of shea butter (approx 2g)

Ingredients you can add to the above:

1 pea-sized dab of lanolin (improves feel and possibly color distribution)
1 pinch gum arabic (improves color distribution and durability of color)
1 drop vitamin E (helps prevent oil from becoming rancid, improves shelf life)
1 pinch zinc oxide (makes color lighter and more opaque, offers protection against UVA and UVB sun rays -- but make sure your wax mixture is well stirred before you pour)

Alternate ingredients:

You can replace shea butter with cocoa butter (will make lipstick slightly more firm)
You can replace jojoba oil with castor oil (will make a glossier lipstick)

These are the alternate ingredients I've tried, but there's no reason you can't experiment with any other type of edible oils.

SpiroExDeus5 years ago
I considered making some of this for when I occasionally get gothed up.

Just a note about the Lanolin optional ingredient. It's rare, but some people have an allergy to it. If you've never used any products with lanolin before (more likely if you're a guy like me) test a tiny bit of lanolin (or a product with it in - a lot of barrier creams use it) on your skin.

My hairdresser found out about my lanolin allergy the hard way (for me) when after testing my skin for reaction to the black hair dye (no problem there) she began to apply barrier cream to my neck causing me to yell (it burned like crazy). After she'd apologised and quickly wiped it away and washed the spot where she'd put it I had a red 'fingerprint' on the back of my neck. Took about an hour to go down IIRC.

Like I said. If you want to include Lanolin be aware that there's a slight possibility that you (or whoever you give it to) may have an allergy to it like I did. (assuming it WAS the Lanolin but they couldn't find anything else in the cream that I was likely to react to).

I took up doing this because I am allergic to stevia and it's in all the cool natural lip balms. You can be allergic to anything unfortunately.

belsey (author)  violette.rosejones4 months ago
True -- but luckily this is super easy to make and customize so it's no trouble to avoid all the ingredients which you are sensitive or allergic to.

I just heard about this from My friend...she uses coconut oil and other essencial oils which aren't needed to make it but she likes them...also says if you add a drop of cinnimon oil...it plumps the lips if you need plumping ...she has amazing lips..that are plump enough without it...seen in the pic.

her lips.jpg
belsey (author)  dan.alexander.54948 months ago

Yes, you can absolutely use different carrier oils -- personally I'd be cautious with essential oils, they can be very potent and since they're on your lips, they will make it into your body... Not all of them are safe to ingest. Depending on the EO in question and the quantity that may be a problem. It is possible that cinnamon oil makes your lips swell, but to me that would be a proof that too much is being used! A tiny bit for the flavor might be pleasant, but if your lips get noticeably swollen (or "plump") then it's an allergic reaction, and not a very good thing!

I found another way. What you do is get Vaseline, get your favorite colored pencil, shave off the color with scissors into a container, mix some Vaseline with it and you got some lipstick.

Hi!!! This is a really great and useful instruction set, and it's really well laid out. But I actually used castor oil instead of the jojoba oil, and coconut oil instead of the shea butter, because I already had a large quantity o coconut oil :P I also used a whole crayon, and some cinnamon extract from MOMs, which not only smells really really good, but also helps plump up the lips. But my lipstick is really smooth and makes my lips feel really nice and soft :D

ljette11 year ago
Hey there! I tried the instructable and I used cocoa Butter lotion cause i had bought the jojoba oil and was impatient. I used a silver crayon and it took a bit of mixing to finally become one color. As i set it to cool i took some from the container and tried it on. It was a little dry feeling as it sat on my lips. Is there a way to fix that for cheap or should i just use pure cocoa butter? And is there a way to add peppermint smell/flavor cause i added two drops of extract and didnt get any smell or taste XD thanks!!
belsey (author)  ljette11 year ago
If it feels dry (by which you mean stiff and waxy?) then you should increase the proportion of liquid oil. Since we're dealing with very small quantities, you don't need to increase it by much to feel the difference. You can add flavoring, but it is better if you can find one, to get an oil-based flavor rather than, for example, vanilla or peppermint extract from the baking aisle of the grocery store, which tends to be alcohol (i.e. water) based. Water and oil don't mix easily, so if you use a water-based flavor it might separate. Have fun experimenting!
belsey (author)  belsey1 year ago
Sorry, I just re-read your comment more carefully... Yes, you definitely need to use pure cocoa butter rather than lotion. Lotion is an emulsion of water and oil, so the texture will end up completely different if you use it. Also, and more importantly, you don't necessarily know what other ingredients are in the lotion -- and on your lips you want to make sure everything can be safely eaten. Another option if you can't find/don't want to wait for the cocoa butter is to skip it entirely and just use more liquid oil. You'll have to fiddle with the proportions (maybe experiment with colors you don't really like), but you might get an OK result.
ljette1 belsey1 year ago
Thank you!! <3 I shall buy pure cocoa/shea butter for the recipe.
mnoelle2 years ago
can Shea butter be replaced with Vaseline? and i tried this, but there was almost no pigment
belsey (author)  mnoelle1 year ago
Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Yes, shea butter can be replaced by vaseline, it might feel slightly different on the lips, but it will work fine. I don't think it will effect the pigments, which come from the crayon. To increase the pigments you can increase the amount of crayon, then maybe use a bit more liquid oil (and a bit less valeine/shea) to compensate for the extra stiffness from the added amount of wax. Or use a different crayon, some colors and brands have different amounts of pigments.
hastieg1 year ago
this is awesome im doing it for a school project
could i use sweet almond oil
Mauigerbil3 years ago
Oh fine. I used only olive oil and a pink crayon. Only a touch of olive oil, or it will be too watery! You need to let it dry in the freezer for awhile, just so that it will be a little dry but still mostly liquid. Then, get a piece of foam or a soft sponge to apply. It is best to make in a paper cup that is disposable, and then cut most of the cup off so that it is easy to apply. The pink crayon blush gives a very natural look when mixed with a magenta
neetz4 years ago
this is the neetest instructable i ever saw! i already made red and it works better then real lipstick ! and to top that of it only took like five minutes!
very good!
neetz4 years ago
thanks for the quick response! il try it out!
neetz4 years ago
could you use olive oil or canola oil instead of jojoba oil?
belsey (author)  neetz4 years ago
Yes, you can substitute the jojoba with any number of comestible oils, including olive or canola (though I haven't tried either). Depending on the oil it might taste or feel slightly different, but it should work with any.
rachelmaryb4 years ago
Can you melt the mixture in the microwave?
belsey (author)  rachelmaryb4 years ago
Yes, but you need to be careful, because wax can sometimes ignite if it's heated too high and too long -- that's why I much prefer the controlled temperature double boiler heating.