Make lockpicks from what you can find in a garage(like macgyver or not)

Picture of Make lockpicks from what you can find in a garage(like macgyver or not)
You get shown how to make lockpicks.
i posted this long ago then took it off and left .


Picture of MATERIALS
you will need:
A bicycle tire (the kind with spokes)
a windsheild wiper(the kind That is somtimes attatched to vehicles)
dremel tool or benchgrinder
some string(optional but fun to play with)
Some plyers (2 is fine)
and gogles(or you will have a lot of eye pain for a while)
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letnetik4 years ago
can the metal sheets from the wipers be replaced with anything else? I need a different way to get a tension wrench other than buying one...

Hey letnetik, i found the tension wrench on this site works really well (diy), but the pick is just about useless. Check it out.

that's not a rake pick, that's a hook pick rake picks are more wiggley the pick u made is for single pin picking, not raking
littlemog92 (author)  rippinblaise6 years ago
im getting sick of this........ okay rake is a very general term used for picks of this type. the "wiggly" type of pick you mentioned is called a snake rake i just say rake pick. this is a super simple pick and i will use terms that everyone can kinda understand
i know what it's called and it can also be a camel back, which is more of a pointy wiggle, but it's still a rake pick same with the diamond, half diamond, double ball (snowman), half ball, full ball, and many others.... and nobody uses those picks for raking, so why would they be called rake picks?
littlemog92 (author)  rippinblaise6 years ago
nobody eh so you know everybody who ever lived and picked a lock. i dont really care what you call it, its a lock pick it picks locks and nothing more, just another instructable on how to waste your childhood. i dont know what more you could want
Uuuuhm.... I agree with rippinblaise, i spend my whole night studying lockpicking (my new hobby, yay) and its not a rake pick (or snake pick), but a hook pick. rake/snake picks are for muliple pins at once, and the hook picks are for 1 pin at a time. so yeah dude, your wrong. but everything else is great about your guide. once i "borrow" some wipers ill get to it.
555mst5555 years ago
just to let u know.....the pick u made is NOT a rake pick.....it's a hook pick.....it's not for raking but it's for SPP-ing (single pin picking)
littlemog92 (author)  555mst5555 years ago
very unoriginal comment is unoriginal
i'm not trying to be rude.....i'm just correcting your mistake.........everyone makes mistake.
littlemog92 (author)  555mst5555 years ago
it was made and purposed as a rake I do not ever use it to single pin pick. I did not buy this there was no package saying single pin pick. You are not the first to bring this up.
B.F.L.M6 years ago
See if your camera has Macro mode it'll make close-up pictures clearer :)
littlemog92 (author)  B.F.L.M6 years ago
will do
Cool, if it helps, the macro mode icon is a flower
littlemog92 (author)  B.F.L.M6 years ago
Thanks I was kinda confuzzled
LOL haha!
some1146 years ago
wow, you deserve a break from all that ranting lol nice work. I found hacksaw blades work rather well, too.
littlemog92 (author)  some1146 years ago
yeah i first tried the hacksaw blade approach it looked very proffesional when it was something i can be proud to hang offa my keys and they worked for a while but my snake rakes all failed me they just kept breaking T.T. btw thanks for the non rant comment lol
haha no problem. And mine have yet to break! But my friends have; unfortunate, I know. lol My first approach was a bobby pin/paperclip combo, didn't work. epic failure... lol
littlemog92 (author)  some1146 years ago
For some reason 2 safety pins worked for me that and a makeshift tension wrench (just a random strip of metal) and a safety pin worked great. Safety pins are just made of stronger stuff
EnigmaMax6 years ago
you're using this to only break into your things... right?
littlemog92 (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
of course you could use this if you got locked out of your house and you had access to your garage which happened to have tools a car and a bike inside
well, if you try to open locks that... aren't yours... cops using forensics can find the lockpick etchings on the sides of any lock. it's possibly a felony. ye have been warned.
littlemog92 (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
...you do know lockpicking is commonly used by burglars, right?
littlemog92 (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
Not as commonly used as door kicking
my point is SMART(er) criminals lockpick, which isn't even that smart anyway.
littlemog92 (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
nah its not smart it takes too long lock picking is better suited to people you hire to open locks.....aka locksmiths Burglars need to be fast
well, that's true. but, have you heard of snap pick guns, or bump keys? they can open locks in a matter of seconds.
littlemog92 (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
yeah ive made some bump keys and pick guns they still take some skill to use and bump keys only work sometimes on certain locks. Bump keys are a good solution but youd better have enough of them to fit every lock ever.
you really don't need that much bump keys to open your things.
littlemog92 (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
maybe.......maybe i just suck at making bump keys.
...wait, you make your own? you can just buy one for 2 bucks though... or maybe cheaper, I'm not too sure.
littlemog92 (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
Yeah i could and i could also get on the governments black list for purchasing them that and i dont want to spend money on my useless hobbies
well, yes. that would be a bad thing. if you did anything illegal.
Forensics is expensive. They dont use it unless its a serious criminal offense.
Japanophile. And since when does Macgyver have a dremel?
littlemog92 (author)  FreshPineSent6 years ago
since when has he not had a dremel? maybe he found one i mean he found a bench grinder once he could even use a file or a rock.
Look, all I'm saying is that Macgyver improvised most of his tools. And I doubt that he had a dremel.
littlemog92 (author) 6 years ago
hey whatever works for you 20 year old bike spokes were perfect for me so used them but let me ask this if you are trapped in a warehouse with enimies are you going to look for the perfect tool steel ?
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