Introduction: Make Models in Google Sketchup

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Ever want to make awesome 3D models like a pro but didn't have the right program? Google Sketchup is the answer. Popular, Free, Awesome, 3D, all words you like but are rarely used to describe one program, however they all are words that fit Sketchup perfectly. Once you are done with this tutorial you will be able to use the finished model in games, movies, comics, or animations. Unfortunately sketchup can only export as skp. files but you can get a converter that lets you convert it into more useful files. 

Step 1: Download

First you have to down load the program at:

Simple enough, right?  

Step 2: Think of a Project

First you have to think of a project, then continue. 

Step 3: Choose Size

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When the Welcome screen pops up go to templates by clicking the "Choose Template" and choose a scale. 

Step 4: Know the Tools

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First thing first, learn how to use the tools.

Step 5: Make Base

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Make a 2D base for your object, for example if you were making a sword, your base may be the hilt, the base is important because after making it you basically just build up. For example I was making the instructable robot, and the pic shows my base.

Step 6: Build Up

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Your base was like a 2D sketch of a object, and your building up  is like making that sketch 3D, now you just need the details.

Step 7: Details

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Add features like the arms or the ears or what ever.

Step 8: Color or Add Textures

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Color or add textures by pressing the paint bucket icon, and then selecting a color, you can import your own textures by pressing the create material icon and then pressing the browse for materials file. then you can select any image and use it as a texture.

Step 9: You're Done

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You're done (just remember to save )! This is my first instructable, do you like it? Don't forget to rate.


DouglasG1 (author)2012-07-16

How did you create the Thompson?

Skill Master (author)2011-06-24

Feel free to rate, hint hint.

Skill Master (author)2011-06-17

I just got Scketchup 8 and its basically the same, same icons, same tools.

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