Low on cash, and want to help out the earth? I have solutions!

Step 1: Reuse

Reuse. A simple word. A simple idea.

Look at all the stuff you are throwing away. Cans, milk jugs, bottles. Think of all the things you could make with those things!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Piggy bank
Pencil holder
kleenex box
the body for your next electronic project.
mould making material (I know an instructable that uses milk jugs to vacuum form.)
Smart. I think this contest is going to be <em>awesome</em>.<br/>
oh ya! I cant wait to see some of the instructables!
I just entered one, and i'm SOOO looking forward to the others! Nice one!
thanks! I cant wait to see all of the interesting ways people have thought of to be green
I use some glass jars to store left over food in the refrigerator, even some veggies,pasta,seeds. I don't like using plastics all the time and couldn't see throwing away the jars, I use them for nuts and bolts too.
<strong>TREE HUGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</strong>
That's one of the only things I missed about SoCal, the bottle depots. There's NONE of them here which I guess is why we have such a bad trash problem.
Is the bottle Minute maid pulpy orange? the juice?
Where I live there are <strong>NO</strong>places to recycle at all! Have any other ideas because I never recycled a bottle like that in my life! But, I really care about the Earth and I don't know what to do with all this stuff and I don't want the ice bergs to melt and flood the Earth.<br/>
Save up ALOT of cans and whatnot, rent a youhaul, and make a road trip. I'm not exactly sure about how much the recycling of the cans will of-set the emissions from the truck, but you could probably make a few bucks!
These are some good tricks, it's a good 'Ible. This contest shows promise. I gotta start brainstorming some green ideas!
Ya, there are so many different ways...
For step 4, can you provide links to some of the websites of the type you've written about?
sure thing!
you spelt environment environment lol

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