Introduction: Make Money and Save the Planet

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Low on cash, and want to help out the earth? I have solutions!

Step 1: Reuse

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Reuse. A simple word. A simple idea.

Look at all the stuff you are throwing away. Cans, milk jugs, bottles. Think of all the things you could make with those things!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Piggy bank
Pencil holder
kleenex box
the body for your next electronic project.
mould making material (I know an instructable that uses milk jugs to vacuum form.)

Step 2: Recycle

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Man, I really want to buy that instructables t-shirt, but I'm short on cash. How could I make some money?

Recycle. Why throw away all of those beer and pop bottles, when you could take them to a bottle depot and make money?

Have things you aren't using? Sell them on sites like ebay!

Step 3: Compost

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Compost. So simple and easy. Make a compost bin, or buy one. Not only does it help the inviroment, but it makes great soil.

Love to garden? You can save a ton on soil if you compost.

Step 4: Shop Smart

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shop for things that dont have much packing material, and are earth freindly.

Better than shopping: Trading. There are websites where you can trade something you don't use or want for something you do. It can save a lot of money.

Looking for a site? You can, sell, trade, barter and give things away on craigslist.

Step 5: Going the Extra Mile.

Want to go the extra mile? Set up bottle drives around your area or other earth friendly events. You could make a lot of money for all the bottles you could get, and recycle a lot at the same time.

Going the extra extra mile. Clean up your street or the area around you. Now thats going the extra mile!

You could probably think of a ton of different ways to help the earth, but their just ideas until you put them into action.


GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-04

Smart. I think this contest is going to be awesome.

Mr. M (author)GorillazMiko2008-04-04

oh ya! I cant wait to see some of the instructables!

lawizeg (author)Mr. M 2008-04-04

I just entered one, and i'm SOOO looking forward to the others! Nice one!

Mr. M (author)lawizeg2008-04-04

thanks! I cant wait to see all of the interesting ways people have thought of to be green

BlindJax (author)Mr. M 2011-03-29

I use some glass jars to store left over food in the refrigerator, even some veggies,pasta,seeds. I don't like using plastics all the time and couldn't see throwing away the jars, I use them for nuts and bolts too.

Acepilot42 (author)2010-03-08

TREE HUGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

americangeiko (author)2009-04-20

That's one of the only things I missed about SoCal, the bottle depots. There's NONE of them here which I guess is why we have such a bad trash problem.

unknown24 (author)2009-04-06

Is the bottle Minute maid pulpy orange? the juice?

tony stark (author)2008-05-31

Where I live there are NOplaces to recycle at all! Have any other ideas because I never recycled a bottle like that in my life! But, I really care about the Earth and I don't know what to do with all this stuff and I don't want the ice bergs to melt and flood the Earth.

Save up ALOT of cans and whatnot, rent a youhaul, and make a road trip. I'm not exactly sure about how much the recycling of the cans will of-set the emissions from the truck, but you could probably make a few bucks!

Firebert010 (author)2008-04-05

These are some good tricks, it's a good 'Ible. This contest shows promise. I gotta start brainstorming some green ideas!

Mr. M (author)Firebert0102008-04-05

Ya, there are so many different ways...

inventorjack (author)2008-04-04

For step 4, can you provide links to some of the websites of the type you've written about?

Mr. M (author)inventorjack2008-04-05

sure thing!

pyro 360 (author)2008-04-05

you spelt environment environment lol

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