Tinkerplay (formerly known as Modio) is a great mobile app that lets you design articulated creatures and make them on a 3D printer. It's a lot of fun to use on iOS and Android, and pretty much guarantees excellent results.

However, what if you want to make an extra-special creature, going beyond the parts in the app? Say you want to make a shark robot, or a flying dinosaur? Perhaps you want to discover the... nocturnal... sibling of the Pixie character from the app?

Well, Meshmixer is an amazing 3D editing program that will let you import and modify almost any 3D print ready file, and combine it with others.

This instructable will show you how to:

  1. Download 3D printable files from the Tinkerplay app and other sources
  2. Use Meshmixer to cut out the parts of a 3D model that you want to use
  3. Add the Tinkerplay connector

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools and Resources

First, you'll want to get your tools together, apps and models:

For this tutorial, we'll be using the Reef Shark from 123D to build a shark bot, but there are a lot more models in the 123D Content Library. Here's a page of shark related models. You'll need a free 123D account to download models.

Check out the dinosaur or animal category for inspiration too!

<p>Do you know if there is a place somewhere, where all the modio parts are available without going through the app? I'd like a catalog of parts stored on the pc. I'm about to build a creature that has one of every part just so I can export a plate with one of everything. I'd like to print out 2 or 3 of each part, throw them in a bin, and build the old fashioned way.</p>
<p>I keep coming back to this instructable. I have a solid .stl of Johnny 5. I want to split it up to make his arms, waist, and head, removable and moveable. I'm thinking adding some modio joints might be the way to go.</p>
<p>That sounds like a great idea, and totally do-able.</p><p>I actually grabbed some tank treads from 123D (look for "retro robot mobility C" or something like that), and added the Modio connector.</p><p> Keep me posted on your progress!</p>
<p>Something like this? </p><p>http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38444</p>
<p>What I would give to have had this stuff available to me when I was about 10 years old... Awesome instructable.</p>
<p>Cool! Those connectors look awesome.</p>
<p>Very cool! I love the creatures you've made. This looks like a lot of fun.</p>

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