Step 2: Cut the "blanks"

The first step is to cut the pieces of foam that will be the body of the darts. I make them a little over 2 inches long, the length is up to you. When you cut it, bu sure to pull the foam straight. That way, after the blank is straightened permanently in the next step, the tips will be flat.

Cut one blank, then repeat as many times as you want. If you are planning to use the whole roll, save a foot or two for the final step.
if you mod a sodering iron  you could put a hole so you don't need to remove the barrel post
soldering irons are Wayyyyy to hot to use for this, also, there is no reason to not remove the barrel posts.<br />
i would rather not remove the barrel posts, however you can make the hole using a drill or dremel with a Drillbit.(the spiral kind lol)
or you could heat up a nail and stick it in the bottom<br /> it works very well if the hole is straight
they look like moldy cheese puffs lol<br>is it cheaper to make these than buying a pack? and can they provide more precision and/or distance than store bought ones?
Nice Instructable! Very Clear.
They look like cheeto's or something haha<br />
Can someone tell me what the conventional use for foam backer rod is?<br />
It's used for filling cracks before you caulk them.<br />
I've learned that foam ear plugs make great Nerf gun ammo too.<br />
These stefans also bounce better. It's not of much use in outdoor games, and rebounds don't count in most nerf wars though.
you should try taking the insides of a potato, make it into a dart and bake it. you probably will get good accuracy and it will biodegrade so you dont have to pick it up(outdoor use).
I've done that, you don't have to bake it, though. It's way heavier than a nerf dart, and the weight isn't in the tip, so it doesn't fly very straight nor get good range. Plus, all the extra weight means that it'll hurt your target a bit. Finn
What is zomb-east?
A HvZ nerf game in eastern MI.
You've got my interest, lol. Finn
those are awesome
lol the darts look like long terds!!!!!lol
those look like old cheetos
just a thought. 5 stars
half used cigars i thought.

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