Picture of Make nice name banners with the GIMP
make your own name banners in a few minutes
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Step 1: Create New file

Picture of Create New file
First, make a new file with a good size, 250x200 for example.

Step 2: Make a new layer & Plasma

Picture of Make a new layer & Plasma
Press CTRL+L to open the layer dialog. Then, delete all layers there and make one white layer.

Then, make some plasma on the new layer. Click filters -> Render -> Clouds -> Plasma.... and mess around with the "New Seed" button until you get a picture with much variation in it.

Next, you have to get the plasma another color. Press Layer -> Colors -> Colorize... and mess around with that until you get a nice picture.

Step 3: Make a new layer & Plasma (again)

Picture of Make a new layer & Plasma (again)
Create a new layer and repeat previous step, only with other plasma and other plasma colors.

When this looks too dark, click on the dark layer and press Layer -> Colors -> Brightness-Contrast... to make it lighter.

Step 4: Qbist

Picture of Qbist
Now let's make some lines through the drawing. Make a new white layer, and press Filters -> Render -> Pattern -> Qbist... and click aroung in the 9 pictures until you see a nice one. Click on it and press OK. Now the new layer looks like this:

Then, set the opacity of the Qbist layer to 15 or 25%, depends on what you like the most.
When you think this is too dark, again use Brightness-Contrast to make it some lighter.

Step 5: Text

Picture of Text
Now we're going to make text on the picture:
Make a new layer, and make some text on it with the text botton in the main screen (it's the T button):

You can move it into the proper position with the move button:

Step 6: Rotation

Picture of Rotation
(you can skip this step if you don't want any rotation of your text)

Select your text and press the rotate button:
Then mess around with that buttons and press OK it will now look like this
noonibird8 years ago
This is cool. I just made one, but skipped the last few steps because I thought they put it a little over the top. I'm probably going to make a few more and experiment. ;P Btw, I'm having some trouble posting pictures, so just look at my avatar for the finished product. :D
Yours is awesome!
Flumpkins7 years ago
Where the heck do you have filters?!?
Flumpkins7 years ago
which gimp do you have? Becuase I have no filters, and all of this is very confusing.
babbie (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
I think I have Gimp 2.4.4 but not sure about that. You should try that
I have Gimp 2.4.6. So mine should be more complex.


babbie (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
like this?
weretater7 years ago
Ok I figured it out. I realized what I was doing wrong. Near the last step I had the layers in the wrong order but I got it to work out. Great tutorial!
babbie (author)  weretater7 years ago
cool mate
weretater7 years ago
On Step five, what kind of layer to you create?
weretater7 years ago
I think I did a step worng, so I'm gonna try again...
Brilliant tutorial.
glycerinate8 years ago
great. I like it. Heres what i did:
jeffreyf8 years ago
Neat! And thanks for the Instructables plug!