In this instructable, you'll be learning how to make a very simple pencil / pen / sharp pointy object shooter.


Rubber Band

Sticky Note

Projectile (must be cylindrical)

Tape (Optional)

Step 1: Rolling the Sticky Note

The first thing you'll want to do, is roll up your sticky note. You'll need to roll it as tight as possible, but MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DAMAGE THE STICKY NOTE BY BENDING IT TOO FAR!

Be sure to roll it INTO the sticky part- so it will ultimately hold itself closed.

-The reason for this step is to make the next step easier ;)

Step 2: Rolling the Sticky Note Around the Pencil

Once you've gotten your note rolled up, allow it to unfurl as much as it naturally will, and then place the pencil on the end you originally rolled from. Carefully and precisely, roll up the pencil inside the sticky note, and attach the sticky part, leaving only the tiniest bit of space around the pencil so it can move freely.

Also- you may want to put a small piece of tape to make the connection secure, and ensure the longevity of your DWD

Step 3: Prepping the Rubber Band (OPTIONAL!)

Almost done!

The next thing we'll do is prepare the rubber band and make it easier to use. This step is optional, but recommended as it will only take a few seconds and a small piece of tape.

What you want to do is hold your rubber band between your thumb and forefinger, and basically loosely wrap a piece of tape around the center of the band. Once it's loosely attached, pinch the middle to make a secure connection- now you're launcher is ready!

Step 4: Ready for Action!

How to shoot:

Put the rubber band on the thumb and forefinger of your hand (whichever hand you prefer- I use my non-dominant hand)

Now slide the sticky note around the pencil, and hold the pencil in the same hand, pinching it with your thumb and forefinger towards the bottom of the sticky note.

Use your other hand to pull back the pencil in the rubber band, and FIRE!

NOTE: I take no responsibility for any misuse of this device. DO NOT AIM AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS! (Unless your boss is bending over to pick something up xD)
didnt work well with me, prob just me first comment
They can be pretty powerful when made well, could you feel that it was getting held back by the barrel being too tight? Or did it just not go very far?
mine would not leave the barrel<br />
i wraped mine in duct tape and taped the rb to it. i also looped 2 rbs together and made a tab to pll it easily back. it got 10 feet on a bad pull.....
Nice! :)

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