I need a keychain (I don't know if the "keychain" is good word)for my new keys,and I searched my cupboards looking for keychain good for my keys but I couldn't find anything nice. I decided to make my own keychain using nuts!
I want to share with you  knowledge about their construction.
Let's get started!

Step 1: What You Will Need?

You will need some nuts with different sizes and epoxy glue(or other strong glue) and ring.
You can polish your nuts to make them shiny.

Step 2: Nice Composition.

To make nice keychain you should make nice composition of your nuts.
You can make a mikey mouse theme!(weeeee!!)
I make a snowman.

Step 3: Glue!!

Glue you com position together using epoxy glue.(Don't glue your fingers!)
And next, let them dry out for 4-5 hours(made coffee or something...)

Step 4: Finished!

Congratulations you finished my project!
Thanks for reading.
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<font color="green"><strong>Love it, very simple, great idea. The only thing I would do different is to tack weld the nuts. Small&nbsp; and polished&nbsp;tack point&nbsp;so it&nbsp;won't ruin the cool appearance. It doesnt matter what glue you use it will come apart at some stage. Tack welding will last forever. Great ible ;-)</strong></font>
<p>Another Idea would be to file off the chrome (which would also be done for welding) and solder them. All you would need is an iron file, solder, flux, a torch striker and a propane torch. All of those things could be found at a hardware store, and it would be much less expensive than welding. It wouldn't be quite as strong as welding, but all of that stuff I just mentioned will almost definitely be cheaper than $60 usd. Of course, you would also want to wash the flux off afterwards. Just let me know if you need any more soldering info (that goes for anyone reading this, too). $60 may seem expensive, but with those items, you could make all sorts of cool things! And yes, you probably could make that money back by making things to sell. </p>
Nice idea very creative !
the flower design would be cute as a gift for a favorite girl, paint with nail polish...nice &quot;ible&quot;
Awwwwww NUTS!

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