This is an instructable  to make a really simple stuffed toy for babies or infants that is basically you! My girlfriend actually designed and made this and I was very much just her man servant...again. Her idea, just on my instructable page.
The inspiration for this was the fact that we are Godparents to a fantastic little boy who lives with his parents in Berlin. We do not. Now he can drool and puke on us as if we were there!

You will need:
2/ A4 Cotton cloth for an Inkjet printer (or iron on transfer)
2/ A4 size soft'n'cuddly material for the back
Rota trimmer or scissor
Needle and thread
Access to Photoshop/Gimp or similar image manipulation sofware
Inkjet printer

Step 1: Getting a Big Head

Take a full body shot of yourself and others then upload into the image manipulation software of your choice. I used Photoshop.
Gimp is a free, open sourcce software that does pretty much the same job if you were not aware.

Create a new layer can use the magnetic lasso tool to carefully trace around your head.
 Re-size the the head to huge proportions that you like. If I was to do this again, I may make the heads bigger.
Print onto A4 cotton sheet or iron-on transfer paper.
this is really, SO cute! my husband and i are taking our first vacation away from our 20 month old and i REALLY think these will help her cope! (if they can drag ME away ;) thanks!
Aww... This is cute! :D

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