Picture of Make precise Folds by Carving
The paper models I have published require precision. Carving (or Scratching?) eases to make perfect folds.
A summary is shown in the image.

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Step 1: Tools you need and preparations

Picture of Tools you need and preparations
  • A cutter
  • Crease Pattern
  • Blank sheet of paper
  • Transparent surface (eg. glass table)
  • Light source (eg. desk lamp)
  • Adhesive tape
Put the blank sheet of paper + CP (back) side by side and stick them horizontally or vertically along the edges with two pieces adhesive tape to avoid shifting. Then order the sheets on top of each other. A lamp and a transparent surface illuminates through the papers so you can easily track the lines. 

Step 2: Carving

Picture of Carving
Use the back of the cutterblade and carve the sheet of paper with light pressure.
The result should look like in the second picture.

Step 3: Precise Folds

Picture of Precise Folds
Therefore precise folds should be no problem.