Step 5: Philosophy of cordage

Picture of Philosophy of cordage
  • Splice only one strand at a time. (Only one strand should end at a time.)
  • Dry fiber can be wrapped more tightly than wet fiber. So make sure your fiber is dry. Wet-made cordage will fall apart when it dries.
  • A finished cord can be used as a strand in a larger cord. That's how they make those awesome rope bridges in the Andes -- out of grass.
  • Wrap tight, wrap sturdy. There's no way to fix a loose cord, aside from unwinding the whole thing.
davee52uk4 years ago
I require something a bit thinner. I want to tie up plants, like tomatoes with something which is also biodegradable, so that at the end of the growing season I can just throw the plant into the compost bin.

At the moment I have to spend ages removing cable etc that I have used to tie the plant up.

Any suggestions ?

Incidentally as a church bellringer I use hemp ropes which are much better than any man-made material.
phyzome (author)  davee52uk4 years ago
My dad always used some kind of very coarse twine (maybe jute?) for this. It composted pretty well.
kestrada14 years ago
i dont either
sxu14 years ago
Can you make a video for this step because I don't really understand it?